5 Fitbit alternatives for under $50

5 best fitness trackers under $50

Fitness trackers are one of the clearest examples of how technology can be used to improve our daily lives (they’re also increasingly used as crime-fighting/ crime-solving tools, but that’s another story). By allowing us to achieve incremental goals and reach fitness milestones, wearable devices let us track health improvements in a way that feels both tangible and unobtrusive.

Even better, they’re becoming increasingly affordable. Some Fitbits and high-end smartwatches can run you hundreds of dollars. However, there are plenty of other alternatives that provide loads of health data at a significantly lower price. Here’s a look at five Fitbit alternatives that cost $50 or less.

1. Xiaomi Mi Band 3

First introduced in China last May, the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 offers a variety of great features along with an OLED display, all for less than $35 on Amazon. The multifunctional Mi Band 3 automatically tracks your workout routine and sleep patterns. Even better, it’s water-resistant up to 50 meters.

Unfortunately, there’s no integrated GPS, so it can’t keep track of your specific location on long runs or bike rides. But with messaging notification and 20 days of battery life, there’s a lot to like about the Mi Band, especially considering its price point.

2. Toobur Fitness Tracker

If you want a slim wearable to track your sleep and basic activity patterns, the Toobur Fitness Tracker has you covered. By day, the app will help you track how many calories you burn. By night, the device monitors your sleep trends.

The Toobur Fitness Tracker is more of a pedometer than an all-purpose fitness tracker. But with its small size and very affordable price ($22 on Amazon), it’s a great introduction to wearable fitness tech.

3. Wesoo K1 Fitness Watch

With a star rating of 4.4 on Amazon, the Wesoo K1 Fitness Watch was named the Best Fitness Tracker under $30 by New York Magazine last year. Although it doesn’t have a heart rate monitor, the device tracks distance traveled, steps taken, and activity level.

The K1 also comes with an extra strap in blue or purple in addition to its standard black band. So, priced at only $26.85, this device is as inexpensive as it is fashionable.

4. Honor Band 4

If you’re looking for something simple yet stylish, consider Huawei’s Honor Band 4. With a stunning AMOLED display, this fitness tracker really stands out. Plus, its 2.5D glass touch screen display provides maximum durability.

This wearable also has features for multiple types of workout, including running, biking and swimming. Its only flaw is a lack of GPS functionality. Still, if you’re looking for an attractive, multifaceted fitness device for less than $50, you could do much worse than the Honor Band 4.

5. Wahoo Tickr

If you already have a smartwatch but want more fitness insights, check out the Wahoo Tickr. With a strap that adjusts from 23 to 48 inches, you can put it anywhere on your body. As it features a heart rate tracker, calories burned monitor, and pace tracker, this wearable gives you robust workout information.

Best of all, the Wahoo Tickr comes with third-party app compatibility. It works with over 50 smartphone apps, including Nike+ Running, MapMyFitness, and Strava. You can buy the Wahoo Tickr for $49.99.