TTI to host virtual executive roadshows through December

TTI to host virtual executive roadshows starting this summer.
Image: TTI Inc.

Last year, electronics component distributor TTI Inc. conducted a series of well-received town hall meetings. The company’s rock concert themed events allowed its team members to directly interact with suppliers, customers, and manufacturing representatives in a fun environment.

While the coronavirus pandemic caused the firm to scuttle its 2020 in-person tour, the corporation resurrected the concept as an online, virtual experience.

TTI’s Executive Roadshows

In 2019, TTI persuaded executives from the electronics manufacturing and distribution community to attend nine roadshows. The events allowed geographically disparate business people to give the corporation much-needed, high-level feedback. The company gained a greater understanding of what the industry’s decision-makers wanted in a relaxed, genial atmosphere.

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TTI even created commemorative Roadshow T-shirts that benefit the Girls in Tech non-profit organization.

The executive meetings proved so popular, the Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary planned to hold another nine shows. Though COVID-19 initially disrupted the distributor’s plans, it did not cancel them. TTI pivoted and moved its executive roadshows online, a decision that has borne fruit in the increasingly virtualized business world.

Virtual Experience, Real Satisfaction

On its face, the notion of TTI staging its executive roadshow online should not work.

The core appeal of the meetings is that they gave industry professionals a chance to step away from their computers and interact in person. However, the virtual tour has thus far been well received. Indeed, the electronic components distributor’s first three region-specific online meetings attracted over 500 attendees.

Don Akery, TTI’s president, Americas, explained the virtual roadshows resonated because they provide something participants have lacked recently: “Our colleagues in the industry are hungry for contact/face time and a sense of stability and forward vision,” said Akery. “By meeting live—though virtually—and sharing openly, we’re keeping the spirit of our electronic components community alive.”

At present, TTI has six more “tour stops” scheduled, but Akery noted his firm might hold 6 to 11 additional online partner meetings this year. If they go well, the company might want to hire rapper Travis Scott to play next year’s roadshows; he is quite the virtual draw.

TTI’s Roadshow Schedule

Cleveland – June 17
Milwaukee – September 9
Portland – September 22
Seattle – September 24
Orange County – October 15
Orlando – December 10

For more information on TTI’s virtual road show, click here.


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