Texas Instruments limits operations following shelter-in-place order

Texas Instruments exceeds analysts' predictions.

Texas Instruments will adjust its staffing in accordance with a new Dallas County shelter-in-place order issued to halt the spread of COVID-19. However, the firm won’t be shutting down any plants in its home region.

“Following government guidance in locations where we operate, TI can continue manufacturing and some R&D work given the need for our products in many critical infrastructure industries and applications,” stated the semiconductor maker.

Why Texas Instruments is Adjusting its Staffing

Like many parts of the world, Dallas County has experienced significant disruption due to the coronavirus pandemic. As of this writing, the area has recorded over 100 cases of COVID-19 infection and three fatalities. County Judge Clay Jenkins placed the region under a shelter-in-place order, which restricts public gatherings and requires non-essential companies to close.

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Because of the nature of its business, local officials have allowed TI’s Dallas County facilities to remain open. However, the corporation has reduced headcount in its research and production sites, with only essential staffers coming in to work. Employees who can complete their tasks at home will start working remotely.

TI has also instituted new health and safety measures to protect its on-site workers. The firm is performing temperature screenings at its factories and has increased the frequency of its on-site cleaning. The company has also recommended its employees follow the Centers for Disease Control’s close contact guidelines and stay 6 feet apart from one another.

Texas Instruments’ Wider Response to COVID-19

Notably, TI didn’t wait for government intervention before it began adjusting its operations in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The firm advised its employees to work from home two weeks ago. The semiconductor company has also expanded its employee benefits to help its staff cope with COVID-19.

The corporation changed its policies to allow its workers to take up for four weeks off with pay. The company’s paid time off covers employees who need to care for their children, elders, or other family members unexpectedly. The firm also lets staffers who have underlying health conditions and concerns about contracting the coronavirus stay home.

“We continue to make decisions with our employees’ health and wellbeing top of mind while balancing the needs of our customers,” TI told the Dallas Business Journal.

As an employer of almost 30,000 people worldwide, TI’s efforts to support its workers in a time of crisis is laudable.


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