SUSS MicroTEC opens new Taiwanese manufacturing center

SUSS MicroTEC opens new Taiwanese manufacturing center.
Image: SUSS MicroTec

SUSS MicroTEC, a German manufacturer of semiconductor fabrication equipment, recently launched a new production facility in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan. The firm decided to open a new factory in the region to serve its Asian clients, including SK Hynix, Samsung, and Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC).

The corporation also intends for its latest production capacity expansion to help it establish dominant positions in several emerging markets.

Details on SUSS’s New Factory

The firm’s new manufacturing site encompasses 51,666 square feet, 60 percent of which is cleanroom space. The facility will be staffed by 50 employees who previously trained at its central complex in Germany. The production center will be dedicated to constructing and shipping SUSS ACS200 coater and developer platforms.

Semiconductor companies utilize those machines in their nodes to apply layers of ultraviolet photoresist to their wafers. That aspect of the fabrication process is crucial because it allows manufacturers to etch precise geometric patterns onto their substrate. Since the SUSS ACS200 features four wet process modules and 19 plates, it lets vendors bridge the gap between research and development and high-volume production.

As it is a hub of semiconductor innovation, many leading chipmakers maintain fabrication sites in Taiwan. With the Hsinchu complex now open, those firms can get direct access to locally-based application and production support. Companies can also work more closely with the vendor’s engineers to develop a new generation of manufacturing tools.

Fulfilling Short and Long-Term Goals

SUSS’s new factory will play a key role in ensuring the company can achieve its short and long-term goals.

CEO Franz Richter noted his firm’s clients had needed more semiconductor manufacturing equipment in the wake of COVID-19. Over the course of this year, businesses, schools, and individuals have acquired new computing equipment to avoid in-person contact. That meant chipmakers have experienced increased utilization of their foundries to meet the new wave of demand.

SUSS’s Taiwanese complex will help its customers address the trend and mitigate revenue losing component shortages.

That said, the German equipment manufacturer did not open a new factory to address the pandemic’s fallout. In 2019, the company presented a long-term strategy called “SUSS 2025” to its stakeholders. The firm’s leaders devised a plan to develop new solutions in advanced packaging and optical element imprinting. By doing so, it could design manufacturing equipment for leading-edge sectors like 5G, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and hyper-scale data centers.

This year, the world has increasingly taken to using those technologies this year to facilitate life in the post-pandemic landscape. As such, SUSS’s prediction that those innovations would be at the center of multibillion-dollar markets by 2021 has proven accurate. That means its new East Asian facility is launching at just the right time.

Next year, SUSS’s coater/developer equipment factory will likely become a solid earner by delivering machines to overtaxed chipmakers. Subsequently, the site and its workers will aid the firm in establishing its presence in Taiwan. After that, it will be well on its way to realizing its impressively prescient roadmap.


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