Qualcomm to help ASE and Chunghwa launch Taiwan’s first 5G smart facility

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Image: ASE Technology

Qualcomm is partnering with semiconductor company ASE, Inc. and Chunghwa Telecom to build Taiwan’s first 5G-enabled smart facility. DigiTimes reports the new complex will optimize operations at ASE’s Kaohsiung-based water treatment complex.

Thanks to its millimeter-wave (mmWave) connectivity, the plant will house cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) programs, automated guided vehicles (AGV), and augmented reality (AR) applications.

How Qualcomm Benefit from Building a 5G Smart Facility

For Qualcomm, the project will highlight the robust capabilities of its fifth-generation mobile networking chips and software. The company’s tech stack will enable the complex’s state-of-the-art Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and AR functions. The brand will also team with the Taipei-headquartered Chunghwa to ensure the plant’s various platforms work together seamlessly.

As it happens, the San Diego chipmaker recently inked a $97 million deal to join India’s 5G build-out.

If things go well in Taiwan, Qualcomm will establish the bona fides of its enterprise fifth-generation networking products. As such, the Taiwanese deployment will help it see a healthy return on its 5G development spending in South Asia and beyond.

ASE, Chunghwa, and Taiwan Also Benefit

The new Taiwanese smart facility will also provide meaningful benefits for Qualcomm’s corporate and government partners.

The facility also showcases Chunghwa’s mmWave 5G network to other local brands. With its high-bandwidth, low latency, and impressive ranging features, the communications standard can help automate facilities throughout its home country.

Since ASE developed the AI, AGV, and AR tools used in the complex, it can tout its suite of automation tools to its global client list. The firm will also be able to more efficiently recycle the water used in its semiconductor assembly and testing operations.

In addition, Taiwan is working hard to establish itself as a global leader in advanced technology, and the smart complex will support its efforts. The East Asian state’s officials are also asking other regional tech brands to build 5G base stations around the island. With local firms pitching in, Taiwan could become the world’s automated production facility hub and enjoy the foreign investments that come with that achievement.

ASE intends to finish construction of its Qualcomm-enhanced, Chunghwa-powered smart water reclamation plant by year’s end.


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