Molex makes wireless smartphone charging in the car an everyday luxury

Molex offers a handy lineup of in-car wireless chargers.

Charging our devices is something we take for granted as a step in our daily (or nightly) routine. Whether it means plugging in before bed, on the way to work, or while you’re in the shower, everyone needs to charge up. Yet, the act of connecting a charging cable to your device can cause a lot of annoying problems.

Maybe the cord is bad, maybe it doesn’t plug in all the way and you’re left with a dead battery, or maybe you just forgot the adapter. Either way, wireless charging is a far more convenient solution. Fortunately, Molex makes wireless smartphone charging in the car easy.

How Does Wireless Charging Work?

Fueling up your devices with a cable is straight forward. A wire transfers electricity from the outlet into your battery. Of course, it’s a little more complex than that, but the idea is simple.

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By comparison, wireless charging is an engineering marvel. The process is able to transfer power to a phone from a base thanks to electromagnetic induction. In other words, coils built into the charger create an electromagnetic field that is then turned into electricity by a receiver inside your smartphone.

While that’s interesting, what makes it useful is the fact that wires are (as the name suggests) not part of the process. This means that charging your phone can be as simple as laying it down on the charger. Though wireless smartphone chargers have been around for a while, they haven’t caught on as industry experts once predicted.

Nonetheless, their usefulness in cars shouldn’t be overlooked. Many vehicle manufacturers have started including wireless phone chargers in their high-end cars, trucks, and SUVs. This gives drivers and passengers the ability to charge their device by doing something that most of us do anyway—tossing it into the center console.

Molex is Powering Innovation

While there are several companies that currently make wireless charging technology, few are more involved in the field than Molex. It realizes that the car is an ideal place for many people to charge up their smartphones. Moreover, Molex knows that dealing with frustrating wires is the last thing that most consumers want to do after a stressful day at work or when they’re half-awake in the morning.

That’s why it is working hard to make automotive wireless charging an everyday luxury rather than something only found in high-end models. Considering the fact that many vehicles are compatible with smartphone-based tools like Android Auto, the demand for in-car charging is greater than ever.

Molex’s various wireless charging offerings are compatible with all smartphones. They are also up to date with the latest Qi charging standard, which is quickly becoming the most popular thanks to Apple using it for its latest iPhones.

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The company also offers a variety of installation options that make it possible to integrate Molex wireless charging into any vehicle. There are vertical and horizontal modules, offering both space-saving and convenience. Meanwhile, a cup holder option lets users access Molex charging even if a base isn’t installed in their vehicle.

All of the modules feature active cooling, which is perfect for keeping both the charger and the smartphone cool.

With demand for in-vehicle wireless charging growing faster than ever, Molex’s line of power products will be a popular choice among consumers and auto manufacturers in the coming years.



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