Microchip’s Smart Hubs will make next-generation cars more comfortable


Last week, The Burn-In detailed how Microchip Technology’s cockpit touchscreen innovations are facilitating the development of fully autonomous vehicles. However, the firm has created other chipsets that will aid in the widespread adoption of self-driving cars. For instance, the company’s USB7002 Smart Hub IC can help consumers work, relax, and be safe while riding in a driverless automobile.

Microchip’s USB7002 Smart Hubs IC

Microchip Technology’s USB7002 is a controller chip that gives vehicle networks the ability to manage four USB 3.1 ports. The component natively supports USB Type-C pins so that it can transfer data at rates ranging from 1.5Mbps to 5Gbps. In addition, the hub is compatible with popular desktop and mobile operating systems like Windows, Linux, and iOS.

Furthermore, Microchip Technology outfitted its Smart Hub IC with its patented FlexConnect application. The inventive protocol gives an automobile’s on-board network the ability to recognize an electronic peripheral as a device or as a host. As such, the component lets manufacturers improve their vehicles’ entertainment and business functionality.

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Besides, the USB7002 supports USB-IF Battery Charging, Revision 1.2. In non-automotive engineer terms, that means the controller communicates with mobile electronics to determine their power requirements. As such, passengers can connect their smartphones, tablets, and laptops to a vehicle’s USB hub without worrying about damaging their peripherals.

Making Smart Cars More Comfortable and Safer

Thanks to recent advances in self-driving tech, tomorrow’s smart cars will be able to operate entirely autonomously. As such, carmakers are in the process of designing automobiles without human control mechanisms like steering wheels or pedals. As a result, next-generation vehicles will give riders the ability to work and play while traveling between places.

Microchip Technology’s USB7002 gives manufacturers the ability to make driverless transports more functional, comfortable, and secure.

For instance, Smart Hub IC equipped vehicles give groups the ability to stream four different movies or TV shows. At long last, parents across the world will no longer be subject to triple-digit viewings of Pixar’s latest masterpiece.

Besides, the firm’s Smart Hub IC can make the daily commute a lot more productive. Soon, workers will be able to make video calls, file reports, and return emails while on the way to work. Besides, harried staffers can blow off steam by playing some “Call of Duty: Mobile” on the ride home.

Also, thanks to its rapid data transfer capability, the controller allows owners to perform critical firmware updates at USB Type-C speed.

The component also provides consumers with an added degree of security. As self-driving systems utilize high-definition cameras in their operation, they also act as de facto surveillance systems. Accordingly, law enforcement can download a vehicle’s recording of a crime that occurred within its vicinity to track down the perpetrators. And with the USB7002, police can gain access to large quantities of 4K footage in short order.

Shortly, the world’s leading automakers will begin rolling out fully autonomous transports. Consequently, consumers will seek out driverless vehicles that offer the highest degree of creature comforts and security. Therefore, those preferred smart cars, trucks, and SUVs will host a range of Microchip Technology’s automotive components.


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