Microchip Technology invests $20 million to launch R&D facility in Ireland

Microchip Technology beats analyst estimates in FQ3 2019.
Image: Microchip Technology/YouTube

Microchip Technology will invest $20 million to open a research and development center in Cork, Ireland sometime this quarter. The chipmaker’s state-of-the-art facility will create 60 new jobs in the area within three years and 200 positions by 2028.

The corporation’s footprint expansion is receiving support from IDA Ireland, an agency that works to bring foreign direct investments to the country.

With the launch of the new site, Cork will reaffirm its reputation as an emerging technology hotspot.

Details on Microchip’s Irish R&D Facility

Microchip’s Cork-based R&D complex will house a cutting-edge engineering laboratory to enable the company to deepen its knowledge base. The site will develop new, mixed-signal integrated circuit designs, high-voltage power management components, and timing and synchronization devices. It is also tasked with creating new, high-reliability integrated power, software, and FPGA solutions.

The corporation’s new center will enable it to provide the next generation of engineers with much-needed experience. The chipmaker is closely collaborating with local universities to host internships at the outpost. Microchip is also bringing its New College Graduate (NCG) program to the site. Through NCG, it provides new grads with specialized training from experienced designers.

The complex will supplement the firm’s existing operations in Cork, Dublin, and Ennis. In addition to advanced R&D work, the installation will let Microchip enhance its customer support services within the region.

CEO-elect Ganesh Moorthy said the corporation is opening a new facility in Ireland’s second-largest city because of its robust talent pool. The executive noted the area’s population of analog and mixed-signal engineers meets its specific needs.

Cork is Quickly Becoming a Tech Hotspot

Like many nations, Ireland recently began working to build out its technological resources. At present, it is home to outposts maintained by Intel, Applied Materials, Texas Instruments, Lam Research, and other leading providers. Its new digitalization push led to Cork emerging as a new hotspot for advanced tech development.

In 2019, Huawei announced it would spend $72.8 million to increase its R&D resources in Ireland. This month, the conglomerate revealed it would pour in another $97 million into the Republic to hire more local engineers. The company tasked its area facilities, including one in Cork, with increasing its artificial intelligence, 5G, and cloud computing capabilities.

Similarly, Logitech stated last month that it would create 50 new jobs in the city over the next three years. The organization made the move to build out its Irish design, engineering, and information technology footprint.

Qualcomm is also contributing to Cork’s evolution into a significant hub for digital technology. The corporation committed to spending $90 million to building a 49,500 square foot R&D complex in the Primrose Dock neighborhood. The site is creating new ASICs with applications in the automotive, machine learning, and automation sectors.

Thanks to the sizable investments from Huawei, Logitech, Qualcomm, and Microchip, Cork is readily transforming into an Irish Silicon Valley. In the next few years, the city will become one of the foremost technological development locales in Europe. And within a decade, it could be a font of revolutionary digital innovations.


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