3 Ways IoT technology is improving heavy machinery usage

IoT is revolutionizing the machine industry

The emergence of Internet of Things (IoT) technology is easily one of the greatest innovations of the 21st century. Indeed, IoT tech is being used to revolutionize the textileretail, and personal communications industries. Notably, IoT implementation also has the capacity to simply and effectively improve operations in other sectors.

For instance, there are three ways in which IoT tech can make the use of heavy machinery safer, more efficient, and less expensive.

IoT Makes Warehouse Robots Safer

For years now, companies across the world have used advances in automation to make warehouse operations more efficient. However, the integration of machine and human workers has not always gone smoothly.

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In December 2018, a robot at a New Jersey Amazon warehouse accidentally punctured a container of bear mace. Unfortunately, the incident sent dozens of fulfillment employees to intensive care.

To improve warehouse safety, Amazon turned to IoT technology. The corporation outfitted its human workers with “Robot Tech Vests.” These wearables allow the company’s robots to better detect their mortal collaborators.

As the online retailing giant uses more than 100,000 robots in its warehouses, this application of smart clothing will likely prevent countless future accidents.

Construction Equipment has Better Performance with IoT Tech

As infrastructural development is a constant in the modern world, the heavy machinery market is expected to hit $180.66 billion by 2020. While a certain amount of equipment replacement expenses are inevitable, construction firms can make their operations more cost-efficient with IoT tech.

Primarily, the technology does this by providing industrial equipment owners with key product insights. For instance, a construction outfit could install IoT sensors in one of its compact excavators. From then on, the heavy machine would send out a constant stream of location, temperature, and fuel consumption data to a wireless hub.

With this information, the construction company would know when to service the excavator and prevent expensive breakdowns before they happen. When applied to the firm’s entire fleet, IoT tech can greatly reduce its maintenance costs.

IoT Makes Logistics and Distribution More Profitable

Any business utilizing dump trucks, cement mixers, log carriers, or tractor-trailers deal with some amount of logistics and distribution problems. Unfortunately, driver errors, stolen merchandise, time-consuming insurance claims, and vehicle hijackings are the cost of doing business. In 2017 alone, cargo thieves inflicted $13.7 million in losses on U.S. and Canadian companies.

Thankfully, there are several IoT solutions that can bring those expenses down and make heavy vehicle ownership more profitable. Geofences alert management the second company industrial equipment isn’t where it should be. Special keypads prevent unauthorized access and allow owners to remotely shut down their vehicles. Automated e-log auditing lets companies know when heavy machinery operators have been behind the wheel too long.

By implementing these IoT solutions, organizations can protect their heavy machinery, improve fleet maintenance, and ensure the safety of their operators. Moreover, because of rapidly declining IoT sensor costs, businesses can harness the power of internet connectivity for pennies on the dollar.