Intel donates over 1 million protective items to fight COVID-19

Intel publishes Q4 results and sees growth.

On March 23, chipmaker Intel announced it would do its part to help medical professionals fight the coronavirus pandemic. The chip giant will source and donate over 1 million masks, gloves, face shields, and other gear to frontline aid staffers in four U.S. states.

Intel Repurposes Clean Room Gear

Intel utilizes robust HVAC systems in its factories to prevent contaminants from affecting the manufacture of its high-performance chipsets. The company also requires its specialist staffers to wear PPE head to toe for the same reason.

Notably, the firm’s cleanroom paraphernalia has filters that can stop tiny particles from transferring between individuals. That makes it ideal for use by health care workers who want to protect themselves and their patients from COVID-19.

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As such, Intel will donate more than 1 million pieces of PPE to frontline aid staffers in Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Oregon. The firm said it will give healthcare workers protective gear from its factories and emergency caches. Subsequently, the firm will seek out other sources of medical-grade paraphernalia to fulfill its commitment.

“We are immensely grateful to the healthcare workers who are at the front lines of slowing this pandemic,” said Intel’s director of Global Affairs Todd Brady.

Two months ago, Intel made a $1 million donation to the International Red Cross to fight the spread of the coronavirus.

Stability in a Time of Disruption

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has caused worldwide disruption, Intel has been able to mitigate its impact on its operations. Last week, The Burn-In noted that the Oregon-based chipmaker currently has a 90 percent rate of on-time deliveries. In a shareholders’ letter, CEO Bob Swan explained how his firm has remained resilient amidst a global crisis.

The executive said his company worked with local and national governments to sustain its global supply chain. He also stated Intel has worked with its suppliers to identify short-term bursts in shipping capacity to meet delivery schedules. Moreover, Swan mentioned his firm has a Pandemic Leadership Team that handles crisis response during events like the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s also worth noting that Intel has a remarkably diverse supply chain. Intel maintains production capacity in four U.S. states, as well as China, Ireland, Israel, Malaysia, and Vietnam. The diffuse nature of the company’s manufacturing and logistics infrastructure doubtlessly helped it cope with the coronavirus outbreak.

Because of its generosity and resilience in the face of global adversity, Intel is an exemplar for the entire semiconductor industry.


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