Intel announces new 10th Gen chips, first to top 5.0GHz

Intel just revealed its powerful lineup of H-series processors
Image: Intel

Intel’s Core processors continue to get better with each generation. Its newest 10th Gen chips are no exception. The company announced several Comet Lake H-series processors for laptops on Thursday.

It pulled out all the stops, unveiling a Core i9 model that boasts clock speeds above 5.0GHz. Not only is that a first for Intel, it’s also big news for gamers. The impressive processors will be found in high-end gaming laptops and devices for creative professionals that need extreme power.

Powerful New Processing

Intel’s lineup of 10th Gen chips isn’t just arriving. On the contrary, the company has been releasing them for several months. Both 14nm Comet Lake and 10nm Ice Lake processors have made appearances. However, all of the chips released so far are either low-power hardware for ultraportable laptops or mid-tier U-series chips for computers like the new 13-inch MacBook Pro.

The newest processors are still built on Intel’s 14nm process and bear the Comet Lake name. Yet, they bring a big performance boost and some nifty thermal features.

Of course, the i9 steals the show as it is the most powerful of the bunch. It features eight cores, 16 threads, and a base clock speed of 2.3GHz. That speed can be boosted all the way up to 5.3GHz. Intel says that the blazing fast metric will be matched in several of its new i9 and i7 chips. The new i5’s top out at just 4.6GHz.

According to Intel, the high-end chips will offer a 44 percent performance boost over a three-year-old laptop run by a Core i7-7820HK.

Meanwhile, the new i9 and i7 processors include a feature called “Thermal Velocity Boost.” This allows them to reach their peak clock speeds and automatically boost clock frequency by up to 200MHz when the chip is cool. It needs to stay below 149 degrees Fahrenheit (and power needs to be available) for the feature to activate.

Answering the Competition

Intel’s dominant chip lineup got a challenge late last month from AMD. The rival chipmaker’s high-end H-series Ryzen 9 chips are beginning to roll out. General industry consensus regarding the processors seems to be positive so far.

However, Intel just raised the bar (again) with its new 10th Gen processors. Not only do they offer faster clock speeds than AMD’s newest offerings, they also have the name recognition of Intel behind them.

Of course, the chips need to compete head-to-head to determine which is truly better. Factors like price, battery usage, and which laptops each is featured in will also come into play.

As for the latter, Intel’s new H-series chips will be found in laptops expected to go on sale in the coming weeks. Manufacturers like Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, and more plan to debut new devices now that Intel’s chips have been unveiled.

With powerful hardware baked into those laptops, it will be thrilling to see Intel’s newest chips in action. For gamers and non-gamers alike the newest additions to this generation of processors are worth getting excited about.


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