Cognitive Systems hires mesh Wi-Fi creator Gopi Sirineni as an advisor

Cognitive Systems has hired Gopi Sirineni as an advisor.
Image: Cognitive Systems

Occasionally, one hire can change the course of a company. For instance, Apple’s hiring of Tim Cook in the CEO role has ensured that Steve Jobs’ vision has lived on long beyond him. The right person can help guide a company towards success with their wisdom, background, and personal experience.

For Cognitive Systems, an innovative company in the Wi-Fi space, Gopi Sirineni is that guiding figure. The tech world leader has more than 25 years of expertise in the semiconductor industry and was instrumental in the creation of mesh Wi-Fi. He has been hired in an advisory role at Cognitive Systems to help guide the company through a transformative 2020.

A Guided Approach

Most people today take Wi-Fi for granted. That isn’t particularly surprising considering that it is found almost everywhere. Yet, despite some minor advances, the core technology has remained largely the same over the years.

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One major breakthrough came in the form of mesh Wi-Fi. With it, several routers are used to cover a space with Wi-Fi far more efficiently than a single router can. As vice president at Qualcomm, Sirineni was a key figure in the creation of this tech.

Taj Manku, CEO and co-founder of Cognitive Systems says, “2020 is a transformative year for Cognitive Systems. We are expanding in all areas, including partnerships, personnel, and product features. This requires controlled growth – it’s imperative that we are able to effectively support our customers as we scale.”

He goes on to add, “Gopi’s considerable expertise will help us build our business strategically and position us as the trusted solutions provider for WiFi motion detection.”

Improving Wi-Fi

Cognitive Systems is an industry leader that is seeking to transform the way Wi-Fi networks are used. With the help of Sirineni in the coming years, it will be able to better accomplish its goals and revolutionize Wi-Fi.

The firm’s flagship technology is known as Wi-Fi Motion. It detects, identifies, and localizes motion within a smart home using wireless signals. This is key for both the home and wellness monitoring markets.

Wi-Fi Motion utilizes a combination of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to provide accurate and reliable results. While this is great, the best part is that the system doesn’t require additional hardware. Instead, it is layered atop existing Wi-Fi networks.

As for his thoughts on working with Cognitive Systems, Sirineni has nothing but good things to say. “I’ve always been an advocate of Cognitive Systems–leaders in the RF sensing space. They are spearheading a game-changing industry disruption that will reimagine the way we use WiFi,” the industry leader said. “I’m excited to be a part of their journey and look forward to helping them deliver customer experiences that go beyond just WiFi connectivity”

It will be very interesting to see how he is able to help guide Cognitive Systems in the years to come. The combination of his experience and the firm’s innovative technology could pave the way for big things.


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