Arm spins off Cerfe Labs as stand-alone CeRAM memory firm

Arm spins off Cerfe Labs as stand-alone CeRAM memory firm
Image: Cerfe Labs

Arm announced its spinning off its correlated electron RAM (CeRAM) research group into a new independent company called Cerfe Labs. The British chipmaker will hold a minority stake in the firm, which commenced operations last week.

Symetrix Corporation will also own part of the startup and will work with it to develop advanced non-volatile memory products.

Details on the Cerfe Labs Spin Out

For the last five years, Arm’s research division has maintained a program to investigate the possibilities of CeRAM technology. In that time, the department developed 150 U.S. patents related to the next generation memory solution.

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Despite its success, Arm wants to devote its resources to developing its core semiconductor intellectual property (IP) offerings. Consequently, it decided to turn its CeRAM program into a standalone company, which will be based in Austin, Texas. Eric Hennenhoefer and Greg Yeric, two ex-Arm researchers, will serve as the new firms CEO and CTO.

The English chipmaker is providing its former advanced memory branch with ample resources as it goes to market. Arm has transferred ownership of its entire CeRAM catalog to Cerfe Labs. The corporation’s CSO, Jason Zajac, will also join the startup’s board of directors.

The firm will create new CeRAM and ferroelectric transistor (FeFET) innovations in tandem with Symetrix. It specifically wants to develop high-performance and scalable high-performance computing and edge artificial intelligence solutions.

Cerfe Labs will utilize an IP licensing business model like its progenitor company rather than fabricate its own products.

A Promising Future

In addition to its pedigree, Cerfe Labs looks to have a promising future due to its area of focus.

Sri Samavedam, an imec SVP, wrote an article outlining the trends that will shape the semiconductor industry’s future. In the piece, he named the emergence of new non-volatile memory technologies as an advance that will transform the electronic components sector. The executive explained the world needs solutions that surpass the capabilities of existing NAND and DRAM to move forward.

Samavedam noted the demand for novel non-volatile memory products would push the nascent sector to a compound annual growth rate of over 50 percent.

Because of its cutting-edge IP catalog and relationship with Symetrix, Cerfe Labs stands at the forefront of a potentially lucrative new trend. The technologies it specializes in are known for being more dependable and robust than older memory solutions. With the proper marketing outreach, the startup could become one of the technology industry’s most important new companies.


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