AMD’s 64 core third-gen Threadripper CPU coming in 2020

AMD's Threadripper 3990X promises 64 cores of rendering performance.
Image: AMD

Those following news in the CPU world are likely familiar with rumors that AMD will release details about its forthcoming Ryzen Threadripper 3990X this January at CES. In a pleasant surprise on Monday, leaks revealed a few tidbits of information about AMD’s new super processor.

The new CPU will have a whopping 64 cores with 128 threads. Of course, that doubles the figures of the second-generation Threadripper 2990WX. While the chip isn’t going to make sense for most general consumers, its tremendous power will certainly be attractive to those with intensive rendering needs.

AMD Threadripper 3990X Specs

As of now, there still aren’t many confirmed details about the upcoming Threadripper CPU. Nonetheless, a leaked presentation slide (presumably from the company’s CES demo) boasts that AMD will be releasing “One CPU to rule them all in 2020.”

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The slide also states that Threadripper 3990X features 288 MB of total cache and a power draw of 280 watts. Despite the chip sector’s rapid growth, AMD claims that its newest CPU is the “World’s first 64-core HEDT processor.”

AMD’s new chip will rival Intel’s X series and will soon join the ranks of the most powerful desktop processors available to consumers. Intel might be the world’s bestselling semiconductor company, but AMD’s new Threadripper will give the giant’s X line a run for its money—literally.

Though official pricing details haven’t yet been announced, the 64-core CPU will likely cost even more than the previous generation, which sets users back $1,999. That type of price tag obviously puts the new chip out of range for most consumers. Yet, it will be available to those that really want to get their hands on it.

Interestingly enough, the new CPU features the same power draw as the previous Threadripper despite having twice as many cores. That raises some questions about how it will maintain its thermal performance.

Designed for Hollywood

Although it’s not for everyday consumers, the AMD processor still has a target audience. In fact, it’s one that is yearning to put Threadripper’s 64 cores to use. A company press release specifically cites “Hollywood creators” as the ideal demographic for the new CPU.

It also says, “Professional creators will especially want to take note, because the Ryzen Threadripper 3960X and 3970X offer obscene time-savings for anyone whose life often waits for a progress bar.”

The mentioned silicon is less powerful than the upcoming 3990X model but is available now. For those working on rendering tasks like editing 8K video and 3D models, having 128 threads will be blissful. Likewise, it will be extremely helpful for developers working with raytracing for next-gen video games.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see the new AMD chip set the standard for creative professionals after its 2020 launch. Speaking of that release, AMD is yet to announce when Threadripper 3990X will hit shelves next year. Stay tuned to The Burn-In throughout CES this January as AMD is expected to unveil the processer in full at the tech conference.