AMD unveils two new Ryzen laptop CPUs

AMD just announced two new Ryzen 9 4000 series chips.
Image: AMD

Amid the chaos in the rest of the world, AMD announced two new Ryzen chips on Monday morning. The laptop CPUs offer impressive performance and dwell in the top tier of AMD’s new 4000 mobile series. They are appropriately named Ryzen 9 4900H and 4900HS.

According to recent reports, the new chips aim to compete with Intel’s Core i9 line of laptop chips. Consumers can expect to see the new duo powering high-end gaming laptops this spring.

Benchmark Data

On Monday, AMD noted that the 4900HS will be featured in Asus’ upcoming 14-inch ROG Zephyrus G14. The gaming laptop weighs just over 3.5 pounds. Asus is currently touting the model as “the world’s most powerful 14-inch gaming laptop.”

Part of that is thanks to the new Ryzen 4900HS. It’s rare to see a flagship processor in a device with such a small form factor. However, it is a sign of the times as more device manufacturers look for ways to make their smallest laptops more powerful.

The 4900HS is a 35W chip that boasts an eight-core, 16-thread design. This facilitates 3.0 GHz clock speeds that can be boosted up to 4.3 GHz. Meanwhile, the slightly more powerful, 45W 4900H has a 3.3 GHz base clock speed that boosts up to 4.4 GHz.

So far, AMD hasn’t given independent reviewers a chance to run benchmark tests on the new chips. However, the results of its own tests are impressive.

AMD’s data shows that the 4900HS outperformed Intel’s Core i9-9880H chip in almost every aspect. It topped Intel’s offering by 28 percent on Cinebench R20, 23 percent on video transcoding, 56 percent on image rendering, and 32 percent on audio encoding.

The chipmaker also claims that the Ryzen 4900HS, when paired with a Nvidia RTX 2060 Max-Q GPU surpasses 60 frames per second when running several AAA game titles. Of course, that may be thanks to the GPU as most chips could probably perform decently when paired with it.

Image: AMD

Meanwhile, both chips will utilize AMD’s SmartShift feature. This allows the device to shift power between the CPU and GPU depending on the optimization requirements of different games.

First Time for Everything

AMD’s new Ryzen chips won’t be found everywhere. However, they should make their way into many gaming laptops in the next year or two. The duo will primarily be featured in relatively portable laptops that offer desktop-class gaming and productivity capabilities.

It’s worth keeping in mind that the data about AMD’s recent chips hasn’t been verified by third-party testers. However, if the new Ryzen 9 CPUs are able to even compare to Intel’s Core 9 processors, it would be a victory for AMD.

In the past, its mobile processors have been viewed as the “budget” option when compared to Intel’s chips. However, with the new Ryzen 9 lineup, AMD appears to be leveling the playing field. Should the results of its in-house testing hold up in the real world, there could soon be far more competition in the chip world.


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