Inside the biggest reveals of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X games event

Xbox Series X packs a powerful punch.
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft’s highly-anticipated Xbox Series X console is just a few months away. With every passing day, more games are being announced and teaser trailers are dropping all around us.

On July 23, Microsoft hosted its Xbox Series X games event, a virtual presentation with plenty of news about some upcoming titles for the new console. It focused heavily on games coming from Microsoft’s own studies.

A bit of particularly exciting news is that the games shown off (and all the titles on this list) will be available through Xbox Game Pass when they launch.

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As of now, questions of whether these games will be exclusive to Xbox Series X and PC remain. Moreover, Microsoft didn’t announce any new info about the console itself—including a release date or price.

Nonetheless, the games it showed off have players excited about the next gen console and the next few years of gaming. Check out the compilation below to see some of the biggest reveals and be sure to watch the trailers.

‘Halo Infinite’

Microsoft spent plenty of time showing off “Halo Infinite,” using it to open up the Xbox Games Showcase. The teaser showed Master Chief’s armor being constructed with narration from a voice that sounds a lot like Cortana. More likely, it belongs to Dr. Halsey.

It led directly into a gameplay demo, which gives players a look at the ring world overtaken by the Banished. Meanwhile, we caught a glimpse at a few new weapons as well as a new grappling hook. Those should lead to interesting new mechanics within the game.

Notably, the developers want “Halo Infinite” to serve as the foundation of the next decade for the franchise. Though we haven’t seen a multiplayer mode yet, it is sure to be promising. The team behind the latest “Halo” installment also noted that this is a great entry point for new players.

It’s good to know that, as the Xbox Series X welcomes a new generation of gamers, they’ll have a “Halo” game to call their own.


One of the biggest surprises—and biggest announcements—of the entire showcase was a brief teaser for a new “Fable” game. The reveal confirmed rumors that the beloved franchise is finally coming back. “Fable’s” teaser showed off a nature-focused world complete with fairies and frogs that certainly looks like it belongs to the franchise.

At this point, it isn’t clear if this is a sequel or a reboot—though it seems like the latter is more likely. The new game is being developed by Playground Games, best known for “Forza Horizon.”

Unsurprisingly, “Fable” will be exclusive to PC and Xbox.


Just moments after Obsidian showed off an expansion to “The Outer Worlds,” it gave fans a look at a new first-person RPG called Avowed. The title looks similar to “The Elder Scrolls.”

Its preview contains plenty of fantasy lore, swords, magic, and the bellowing of an unseen monster. “Avowed” promises to deliver hours of gameplay in an expansive world. Although not much has been revealed about the game, players will be able to dual-wield weapons and spells in “Skyrim” style.

‘Forza Motorsport’

For racing fans, Microsoft provided an early look at the new “Forza Motorsport.” The next title in the popular series is being developed by Turn 10 Studios. Notably, Microsoft said that the game will take advantage of Xbox Series X’s visual features.

“Forza Motorsport” will play in 4K at 60fps and feature ray tracing—a new technology in the world of console gaming. All we know right now is that the near photorealistic racing title is in early development.

‘Tetris Effect: Connected’

Interestingly, a trailer for a new “Tetris” game got a bit of the spotlight at Microsoft’s recent showcase. Yes, you read that right. “Tetris Effect: Connected” is a unique remix of the popular game that features a multiplayer expansion.

It looks like the game will still feature stunning visuals and a moving soundtrack. Things might get hectic, though, with a friend’s board next to yours. “Tetris Effect: Connected” is expected to arrive this holiday season.


Last year, the next original title from Rare was announced. Now, “Everwild” has been confirmed for the Xbox Series X. The game features stunning cel-shaded art and focuses on aiding the local environment and the fantastical creatures living in it.

Rare promises to deliver “memorable, engaging, and meaningful experiences for players everywhere to share.” Otherwise, we don’t know much about the forthcoming title.


One of the most exciting first-person shooter games got a moment to show off an official reveal trailer during the event. “CrossfireX” comes from “Control” developer Remedy and promises to deliver pulse-pounding action and adventure.

The game’s fancy weaponry, armor, stealth, and wingsuits should add a unique and fun twist to the typical FPS genre. Though an official release date hasn’t been announced, “CrossfireX” is coming later this year.

‘The Medium’

The studio behind “Blair Witch” is giving us another psychological horror game for the next-gen Xbox. “The Medium” allows players to inhabit the body of a spiritual medium called Marianne that borders between this world and the next.

It also has Akira Yamaoka, the composer behind the “Silent Hill” series, on board. His presence promises a soundtrack that sends shivers down your spine.

‘State of Decay 3’

Fans of open-world undead games will be happy to hear that “State of Decay 3” is on the way. Although the previous title wasn’t a smash hit, the capabilities of the Xbox Series X could deliver some unique twists.

The new game looks to be just as dark as its predecessors. During the teaser, fans watched a lone survivor trekking through the woods in pursuit of an undead deer.

‘As Dusk Falls’

Thought it certainly isn’t a conventional title, “As Dusk Falls” looks fairly interesting. A unique animated trailer covers a story spanning more than 30 years in the American southwest.

The game is being sold as an “interactive drama” and will surely be an emotional ride. Somehow a bank robbery plays into the strained family dynamics we see in the trailer. For players who need a break from the constant action of other games on this list, “As Dusk Falls” might be worth checking out.


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