TwilioQuest is the PC role-playing game that teaches people how to code

Twilio Quest teaches players how to code.
Image: YouTube | Kevin Whinnery

There are plenty of ways to learn programming these days. In a world filled with computers and smart devices, it is one of the most marketable skills a person can possess. However, not all learning methods are fun. That isn’t the case with TwilioQuest.

What started out as a game-like tutorial that teaches developers to learn Twilio’s communication APIs has quickly become something far more fun. TwilioQuest is now a standalone role-playing game (RPG) that teaches you to code in several different languages. The best part is that it’s (mostly) free to play.

Defend The Cloud

For those who aren’t familiar, Twilio is a platform that allows developers to add communication capabilities to their apps. Its offerings are incredibly handy for those that don’t want to build everything from scratch. Though it shouldn’t be surprising, TwilioQuest comes from the Twilio team.

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The game is inspired by 16-bit arcade classics of days past. It pits players against a shadowy organization called Legacy Systems that seeks to destroy The Cloud, the game’s virtual universe. Along the way, players embark on various missions that each focus on a different programming language.

Right now, there are four main missions available, along with a playable “Advent of Code” event that took place in December. The main operations include “Top-Secret JavaScript Test Lab,” “Mysteries of the Pythonic Temple,” “OSS ElePHPant,” and “The Flame of Open Source.” As you might guess, the missions focus on JavaScript, Python, PHP, and open source programming respectively. There are also missions that teach players how to use Twilio (obviously) and some of its communication APIs.

Anyone familiar with the top-down RPGs of the ‘90s will instantly feel at home with TwilioQuest’s graphics and style. Those who didn’t play games two decades ago won’t have an issue figuring out its simple controls and menus.

As players make their way through dungeon-like levels, they interact with the world in various ways by completing coding exercises called hacks. Completing hacks unlocks new places to explore and new equipment for your character.

Making Coding Fun

Despite its simple premise, TwilioQuest does a great job of helping players pick up the basics of coding. After just a few quick lessons you’ll start understanding the core elements of whichever programming language you’re learning. Since the game is divided up into quick, simple objectives, the task of learning an entire language doesn’t feel so daunting.

Better yet, players are able to explore and learn at their own pace so that they can soak up and retain information in a way that works best for them.

At the time of this writing, TwilioQuest is technically still being developed. However, it is available to download on Windows, Mac, or Linux. Users will need a free Twilio account to complete certain objectives, but the game itself is free. For those that want to learn even more, some optional levels are available for purchase.

Even though it’s still in development, TwilioQuest feels like a polished game. It’s also a great way to learn some handy new programming skills.

TwilioQuest can be downloaded here from its official site. You can watch the game’s trailer in the player below.



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