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World of Warcraft bosses ranked.
Image: YouTube | World of Warcraft

You can never be late for a party called Classic WoW. Even if you’re thinking that all hardcore players are already saying their goodbyes and are looking forward to continuing their journey in the “new” old expansion. So, what is this all about then? What’s the point of leveling before TBC Classic comes out?

The big idea behind it is the preparation. Whatever they say about TBC, you don’t want to show up to that party empty-handed, even if you show up on time. Meaning, unless you want to have one hell of a rough start, you just ought to be ready and at least have your char reach the current max level. If you haven’t got even that, there’s probably no point in suggesting other things that one would do in preparation. Things like farming enough gold, crafting enough potions of a certain kind that will be valuable in the first weeks and months of the expansion. We’re not even mentioning obtaining the latest tier set or a legendary. Once again, the least you can do is get your char to lvl 60. That way, when you start in TBC, you’d just have to go up 10 levels instead of 70. That’s pretty obvious, right? Besides, by the time you are done with it, you will have gathered some gear and gold.

How long will it take?

Now the only problem that comes naturally with the task of leveling is that it generally takes a long-long time to get it done. And we don’t really have a long time before TBC comes out. It’s almost at the doorstep. It could go faster, depending on several conditions – if you were playing with friends, you wouldn’t have to deal with all the elite mobs on your own. You won’t have to cope with random players when going to instances either. There’ll be fewer chances of you getting ganked if you move in a pack. Although, that depends on the server and which side you’re on as well.

What else can be done to make the WoW Classic leveling experience a little more bearable? The services that you will find by following the link. Without going into too much detail, let’s just say that whatever awaits you there can solve more than just the leveling problem. It can be a solution to all of your problems. However, the choice is always yours. You decide how the start of TBC will be like for you. Going there unprepared will feel less like a fun time and more like a second job. Or you could take matters into your hands and start the game locked and loaded!


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