Sony finally reveals PS5’s design, launch titles

Sony finally revealed what the PS5 looks like.
Image: Sony

Countless months of anxious waiting for news about Sony’s forthcoming PS5 console finally came to an end on Thursday. Gamers now know exactly what to look forward to when Sony drops its latest hardware this holiday season.

Throughout the duration of the multi-hour announcement, the company unveiled details about its next-gen console, what games will be available for it, and, of course, what it looks like. Fear not, its sleek aesthetic matches the sci-fi-like controllers perfectly.

Stunning Design

As usual, it appears that Sony and Microsoft are taking opposite approaches when it comes to the design of their consoles. While the latter’s upcoming Xbox Series X looks like a PC tower (or a miniature refrigerator according to some critics) Sony’s PS5 looks oddly like an Internet router.

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The console is primarily designed to stand vertically. Although players will be able to lay it on its side, the PS5 looks a bit strange in that orientation. It’s clearly meant to stand tall without being obtrusive. In a sense, the console’s overall shape is somewhat similar to the Xbox 360, though it is certainly sleeker.

It features cooling fans at the top of the unit for heat dissipation while USB-A and USB-C ports grace the front. Notably, Sony revealed that it will sell two versions of its console at launch—one with an optical disc drive and one without. The version with the drive is noticeably fatter and loses a bit of the symmetrical appeal of the all-digital model.

Even so, it’s a sharp-looking console.

Meanwhile, the previously unveiled PS5 controllers match it perfectly. The crisp white coloration is a nice change of pace from the darker look of the last three PlayStations. Aside from the looks, gamers are sure to enjoy the PS5 DualSense’s adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

Inside the PS5 Ecosystem

Despite the fact that potential buyers are just now seeing its exterior, the PS5’s hardware specs had been mostly revealed back in March. Most notably, the console boasts a custom eight-core AMD Zen 2 CPU alongside a custom GPU based on AMD’s RDNA 2 architecture. Sony promises that the PS5 features 10.28 teraflops of power. It also has 16GB of GDDR6 RAM and a custom 825GB SSD. That’s a welcome addition as it helps some games load up to eight times faster than they do on the PS4.

Speaking of games, Sony’s announcement on Thursday was full of news about the titles that will launch alongside its console. It announced several platform exclusives, revamps, and indie games that players can look forward to. For fans of older titles, the PS5 will also support an “overwhelming majority” of the 4,000 plus PS4 games in existence today.

One of the most exciting exclusives is “Horizon Forbidden West.” It’s a sequel to “Horizon Zero Dawn,” another PlayStation exclusive, that was exceptionally well-received. The trailer shows off photorealistic landscapes and looks like a load of fun.

Meanwhile, Sony announced that “Spider-Man: Miles Morales” will be a PS5 launch title. That isn’t surprising considering that it was used to show off some of the console’s rendering abilities.

Other big-name titles that will arrive with or near the PS5 include racing simulator “Gran Turismo 7,” quirky adventure hit “Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart,” and “Resident Evil 8: Village.”

In terms of remakes, both “Grand Theft Auto V” and “Demon Souls” will be updated with better graphics and performance for the PS5.

All in all, Sony’s new console is everything that players thought it would be. The last major detail we’re waiting on is the price tag. Considering that Microsoft also hasn’t revealed the price of the Xbox Series X, it may be a while.


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