Sony announces PlayStation 5 release date, specs

Sony has released details about its long-awaited PS5 console.

On Tuesday, Wired published a report detailing the release date and technical specifications of Sony’s PlayStation 5. The electronics giant will release its ninth generation video game console in time for Christmas 2020. Moreover, the firm has revealed that the new system will feature minimal load times, lushly rendered graphics, and hardware that offers gamers a truly immersive experience.

100 GB Games, Ray Tracing, and SSD

To start, Sony’s console will be called the PlayStation 5. No surprise there. Moreover, it will feature an optical drive that doubles as a 4K Blu-ray player. The new console’s games will be available on 100 GB discs, which is double the capacity of PlayStation 4 titles. As such, studios like Kojima Productions and Rockstar Games will have the ability to create expansive new worlds.

Furthermore, PlayStation 5’s powerful hardware ensures that game environments and characters will look amazing. Thanks to its AMD Ryzen CPU and Navi GPU, the system will support ray-tracing acceleration. As seen at the 2019 Game Developers Conference, ray-tracing renders game spaces in stunning, lifelike color and detail. Just imagine playing Marvel’s “Spider-Man” in a near photorealistic version of New York City.

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Sony’s ninth-generation console will also feature a solid-state drive (SSD) of unrevealed capacity. Accordingly, the new system will greatly reduce load times. Since PS5 won’t need to scan for information on a traditional disk drive, it won’t need to duplicate background game assets. This means that the console will use its capacity with a far higher degree of efficiency than the PS4.

As there is a significant difference in the speed of an optical drive versus an SSD, PlayStation 5 games must be copied to the system. However, Sony has revamped the game installation process to allow for greater customization. Instead of installing the entire title at once, players can choose to only download its campaign mode. Conversely, competitive gamers will have the option of installing just the multiplayer data.

Haptic Feedback and Adaptive Triggers

According to Wired, Sony has done more than update the main console’s hardware. The company has also significantly upgraded the functionality of the accompanying controllers. The successor to the Dual Shock 4 will feature varying degrees of haptic feedback that will make gameplay more immersive.

For instance, the publication notes that, while playing “Astro Bot Rescue Mission,” different environments will give different kinds of feedback. Players traveling through a sandy area will find that their movements are slow and sluggish. Conversely, gamers venturing through a muddy region will discover their momentum hampered by soggy inertia.

The system’s haptic feedback will also make driving games like “Gran Turismo” seem more realistic as different tracks have surfaces that feel different.

The PlayStation 5 controller (still unnamed) also comes with a new feature called adaptive triggers. Players will experience different levels of resistance depending on what kind of weapon they’re using. As such, blasting a zombie in “Resident Evil” with a shotgun will have one type of kick, whereas sniping a terrorist in “Call of Duty” will feel totally different. Meanwhile, players drawing back a bow will feel a noticeable increase in the trigger’s resistance compared to raising a rifle scope.

Sadly, Sony did not disclose the PlayStation 5’s pricing, data capacity, or an exact release date. However, that information will eventually emerge as the 2020 holiday season draws closer.

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