Rocksteady’s ‘Suicide Squad’ game will pit players against Superman

A new 'Suicide Squad' game will pit players against Superman.
Image: Rocksteady

In 2016, “Suicide Squad” did something that other movies in the DC Universe have often failed to do—wow audiences. Since then, there has been a deluge of Suicide Squad spinoffs, comics, and, now, a video game.

Rocksteady is currently developing the title and teased fans with news about it earlier this month. During Saturday’s lineup of DC Fandome reveals, the studio announced fresh details about the game. Interestingly, it will pit players as Suicide Squad characters against another DC favorite—Superman.

Going After the Blue Guy

The new Suicide Squad game announcements were a welcome surprise on Saturday as fans tuned in for the latest info regarding all things DC. That includes details about a “Suicide Squad” movie sequel directed by James Gunn.

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To be clear, Rocksteady’s upcoming game doesn’t have much of a connection (if any) to the follow-up film. Instead, it will focus on a small roster of characters that includes Harley Quinn, Deadshot, King Shark, and Captain Boomerang.

A four-minute trailer shows the characters fighting off alien-like minions that are supposedly being led by the evil supercomputer Brainiac. That sounds a lot like a typical DC scene. However, things take a sharp turn when Superman appears, holding a helicopter pilot while hovering above the city.

He proceeds to fry the unlucky man with his heat vision. His glowing purple eyes suggest that he is also under Brainiac’s control. In the moments that follow, the members of Task Force X realize that Superman himself is the target of their top-secret assassination mission.

The trailer then revealed the new game’s title—“Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.”

Although the upcoming game isn’t tied into the DC Extended [Cinematic] Universe, it is related to Rocksteady’s previous DC games. The studio is responsible for Batman-themed hits like “Arkham Asylum,” “Arkham City,” and “Arkham Knight.”

Players can look forward to unique gameplay elements introduced by the fighting styles and weapons of each character. There should be plenty of opportunities for clever strategies and teamwork.

Speaking of, the upcoming title will also feature a multiplayer mode. A team of up to four players can take control of one of the Suicide Squad characters to complete various missions and battles.

At this point, it isn’t clear if Superman is the only villain in the game. Given the title, the answer is probably no. It wouldn’t be surprising to find out that Brainiac has compromised other members of the Justice League. Players might get to face off against the likes of Batman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash.

Of course, fans will need to take this game with a grain of salt. No Suicide Squad character really stands a chance against Superman. For the sake of fun, players will have to pretend that a baseball bat and a boomerang can take down the Man of Steel.

Doing so will have to wait for at least a little longer, though. “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League” won’t arrive until 2022. On the bright side, that means it will debut on next-gen consoles and should look fantastic. Expect more teasers in the meantime and check out Saturday’s trailer in the player below.


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