‘Plague, Inc.’ update will let players save the world instead of destroying it

The makers of Plague, Inc. are giving players a new mode during the coronavirus outbreak.
Image: Ndemic Creations

Players of Ndemic Creations’ popular mobile game “Plague, Inc.” know how thrilling it can be to destroy the world with a deadly disease. However, now that a deadly virus is spreading across the globe in real life, it’s far less exciting.

Fortunately, in these morbid times, Ndemic Creations is giving players a new way to enjoy “Plague, Inc.”—as the good guy. The developer is working on a new update that will let players take on the role of an international health organization to save the world from a pandemic.

Turning the Tables

In an ordinary game of “Plague, Inc.” players take on the role of a mad scientist who unleashes a pathogen on the world. Then, you get to upgrade and evolve and germ to make it more contagious, more deadly, or decrease precautionary measures taken by the public. Of course, the goal is to wipe out every human on Earth.

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Although the game came out eight years ago, it continues to stay relevant thanks to real-life global health events like the Ebola outbreak in 2013 and today’s coronavirus pandemic. As the coronavirus pandemic grows, “Plague, Inc.” continues to see record download numbers.

Now, the game is about to get a new mode that’s a bit more sensitive to the current state of the world. Ndemic Creations confirmed that it is working on an update that will turn the tables of the game. Rather than unleashing a disease, players will work to stop it.

The development team is working with agencies like the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network to make the new game mode as realistic as possible. As of now, a release date for the update hasn’t been announced. Regardless of when it launches, it will be free for all users.

Communicating Hope

Right now, the allure of taking over the world with a virus isn’t so charming. As thousands continue to die every day, the grim effects of a global pandemic are evident in daily life for people around the world.

However, a game that lets players fight the same sort of crisis afflicting them in real-life is a genius idea. Deciding to add such a mode to its ever-popular title is brilliant on the part of Ndemic. Not only will it be another way for people to entertain themselves while practicing social distancing, it could also serve as a solid educational tool.

Meanwhile, it will give players hope that beating a global pandemic is possible. Although, doing so in a game is much faster.

Ndemic isn’t a stranger to the coronavirus crisis either. The studio is also donating $250,000 to various organizations working to slow down the outbreak. It will be split between agencies like the WHO and the Coalition of Epidemic Preparedness Innovations.

Hopefully the new update will arrive soon. It will be a much-needed glimmer of hope and an educational look at what experts are doing to battle the coronavirus in real life.


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