Nvidia’s GeForce Now cloud gaming platform rolls out to Google Chrome

Nvidia's GeForce Now cloud gaming service now supports Google Chrome.
Image: Nvidia

Cloud gaming platforms are starting to catch on. They allow players to enjoy their favorite titles without expensive PC hardware or a console. Most cloud gaming platforms also offer a more convenient way to play since they are available on mobile devices and web browsers.

One of the most popular services, Nvidia’s GeForce Now, is getting more accessible. The company is finally rolling out support for Google Chrome. It’s a welcome addition to the platform’s lineup of supported devices that helps it live up to its expectations a bit more.

Chrome Gaming

Gamers who really want to play through Google Chrome have probably been using Google’s Stadia service rather than GeForce Now. Although the two platforms are roughly the same, they do have a few notable differences that could make you favor one over the other.

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Regardless, Chrome users haven’t had the option to use GeForce Now through their favorite browser. Starting today, the platform theoretically works with the latest version of Chrome on any device.

This allows players with old or budget-friendly laptops to play triple-A titles as long as they have a strong internet connection. It’s the biggest advantage that cloud gaming has to offer—aside from the lack of game downloads and lower relative price.

To start playing on Chrome, GeForce Now subscribers can simply browse to the platform’s website to get started.

Exciting Upgrades

While GeForce Now’s Chrome compatibility is stealing the spotlight, Nvidia is also rolling out a number of other features that are worth mentioning. Arguably the most important one is that the cloud gaming service is now compatible with Apple’s M1-powered Macs.

For those who aren’t familiar, Apple’s M1 is an in-house processor that Apple is using in its computers from now on. It runs on a different chip architecture than other processors, which is making life difficult for developers. The transition has made it difficult to get some programs up and running once more.

GeForce Now also has a new shortcut feature. It allows players to add an icon for their favorite games directly to their desktop so they can be launched more easily.

Finally, players can now send links for GeForce Now games to their friends. The URLs are shareable via social media, email, or instant message and let gamers invite their friends to join the fun.

At just $4.99 a month, GeForce Now is a bargain for those without high-powered gaming hardware. Although you still need to purchase the games you want to play, you don’t have to worry about whether your machine is compatible. There are more than 70 free-to-play titles available, though, so, technically, subscribers don’t have to buy every game. GeForce Now also connects with Steam, making it easier for existing PC players to make the switch.

For those coming from the console world, $4.99 a month is certainly cheaper than the Xbox Series X or PS5. Plus, GeForce Now is always up and running—the same can’t be said for console or PC component stocks.


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