Nintendo Switch Pro may arrive holiday 2020

Switch Online brings classic 8-bit back

Nintendo made big waves with its rule-breaking Switch. By giving players the ability to take their console games on the go, the Japanese company found huge success with its newest hardware. Sadly, video game consoles don’t last forever. Although it seems hard to believe, the Switch is already almost three years old. While it’s younger than its six-year-old competitors, the PS4 and Xbox One, it is still aging.

Due to that, rumors about an upgraded Switch Pro console have been swirling for some time. Now, credible reports suggest that the Switch Pro console is not only real but might be arriving at the end of 2020.

Conforming to the Times

Until the latest two generations of game consoles, it was unheard of for a company to release an upgraded, intermediate piece of hardware. For example, Sony has released two subsequent versions of its original PS4—the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro. Meanwhile, Xbox One has diverged into the Xbox One X, Xbox One S, and even an all-digital version of the latter.

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Although it might be seen as a non-innovative way to buy time between console generations, the strategy has paid off for these companies. To date, Nintendo has never tried the same approach. Each of its previous consoles was either followed by a completely new gadget or a truly upgraded (and renamed) version of the previous generation.

Now though, it seems that Nintendo is joining the party. According to a report from Metro citing an original source in Korea, the rumors about a so-called Switch Pro appear to be true. Accordingly, the console is believed to be powered by Nvidia’s Volta architecture. The new GPU will replace the Switch’s current Tegra X1 chip.

Along with this, the rumored Switch Pro may have even better battery life. It’s worth noting that Nintendo has already released a Switch with this feature since the console’s original debut. However, no gamers would complain about their Switch lasting longer on the go.

Don’t Get Too Excited

At this point, there is still no official word from Nintendo about whether or not a Switch Pro console will be released. Yet, the rumors cited by Metro appear to be from well-trusted sources.

Nonetheless, the potentially forthcoming console might not be as exciting as it seems. The report also says that it is highly unlikely that 4K gaming will be supported—even with the new Nvidia hardware. The Switch has never been aimed at gamers who play the same titles as those on Xbox and PS4. Still, not supporting 4K is a disadvantage considering how powerful the next generation of competing consoles will be.

Likewise, the holiday 2020 timeline for a Switch Pro release suggested by the current rumors might not be accurate. Some claim that the partnership between Nintendo and Nvidia is currently behind schedule. This may lead to a Switch Pro (if there is one at all) releasing sometime next year.

For now, it’s probably best to wait for an official confirmation from Nintendo. Perhaps a company keynote will shed a more positive light on any hardware upgrades that may be arriving.


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