Nintendo’s ‘Ring Fit Adventure’ brings video game fitness to a whole new level


There’s a good chance that Wii owners are familiar with Nintendo’s timeless fitness classic “Wii Fit.” Now, the company is hoping to replicate its past success with the all-new “Ring Fit Adventure.”

Featuring new peripheral accessories for the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controllers, the game is a truly unique title. Imagine “Mario Party,” “Final Fantasy,” “Wii Fit,” and cardio all having a baby. With intuitive motion controls, a captivating RPG storyline, and the ability to get users sweating, Nintendo’s new game might be a best-seller this holiday season.

Unique and Innovative

“Wii Fit” is still one of Nintendo’s highest-selling titles of all time. Over 43 million copies flew off the shelves at the peak of the game’s popularity. While it is pricey at $79.99, “Ring Fit Adventure” may have the ability to perform similarly. The game launches worldwide for Switch on October 18.

But what is “Ring Fit Adventure?”

The only generic thing about this game is its name. Otherwise, players are in for a truly unique treat. They’ll first have to connect their Switch’s Joy-Con controllers to the game’s peripheral accessories. One is a high-tech resistance band while the other is a strap that secures around the player’s thigh. These measure their activity level while playing and offer intuitive motion controls throughout the adventure.

Players will don the attire of a gym-goer and work together with an all-knowing ring named (you guessed it) Ring to explore a surprisingly well-developed fantasy world. Interestingly, the game’s story pits players against an evil purple dragon that is undeniably a “gym bro” in every way. From a leotard to endless flexing, the dragon’s personality isn’t a coincidence. According to The Verge, “Nintendo says that the dragon was designed to represent the negative aspects of gym culture, like ultra competitiveness. In other words, he’s a fantastical bro.”

Nintendo transforms gym negativity into a villain in its newest game.
Image: Nintendo

Adventure Is Out There

“Ring Fit Adventure” aims to accomplish something that “Wii Fit” could never do: be a true video game. While its predecessor focused on sweat-inducing minigames, Nintendo’s new title gives players a chance to work out while immersing themselves in a mesmerizing storyline. From what we’ve seen so far, “Ring Fit Adventure” gracefully pulls this off.

Players progress through levels by jogging in place while using the ring accessory as a controller for separate actions. Moving faster requires faster jogging. Though the levels only last a few minutes, they are enough to get your heart racing.

Throughout the game, players have opportunities to battle enemies in turn-based combat. Attacking and defending comes in the form of various exercises including yoga, squats, presses, and more. By interacting with and defeating enemies, players get a better sense of the story and world. Meanwhile, in true RPG fashion, they’ll be able to unlock more skills as they progress through the game.

Though “Ring Fit Adventure” is expensive, there is a ton of content to play through. Players can expect to finish the game in a whopping three to four months when playing for one hour daily. The fun doesn’t stop there. Players can also access minigames similar to “Wii Fit” either on their own or in grouped workouts that correspond with a certain body part.

Players can start their own “Ring Fit Adventure” on October 18—just in time to work off those extra calories around the holidays. It will also be perfect for New Year’s resolution-ers hoping for a healthier 2020.