Multiplayer mode beta test in ‘Mario Kart Tour’ coming this December

Nintendo's 'Mario Kart Tour' releases for mobile on September 25.
Image: YouTube | Nintendo Mobile

When Nintendo’s highly-anticipated “Mario Kart Tour” launched at the end of September, fans got a tremendous mobile racing game. In its first month, the title saw more than 124 million downloads. It even beat out “Pokémon Go’s” number of launch day downloads by a few million. Of Nintendo’s six mobile games so far, “Mario Kart Tour” is without a doubt the most popular. Now, the racing game is ramping up for a victory lap.

Nintendo just announced that a beta version of a full multiplayer mode will launch in December. At its release, the mode will only be available to Gold Pass subscribers.

Head to Head Racing

While racing through “Mario Kart Tour’s” themed cups is fun, it simply can’t compare to the multiplayer experience that made the franchise so successful. Bringing that to the mobile game will help elevate it to an entirely new level.

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Nintendo tweeted out on Friday that a “real-time multiplayer beta test is planned for December.”

It was originally expected that “Mario Kart Tour” would debut with a multiplayer mode. When it did not, players were both surprised and very disappointed. Nintendo only revealed that it would be “coming soon,” so it’s good to see that the project is indeed in the works.

Of course, just knowing that the mode will be available isn’t enough for some players. As of now, we still don’t know how the mechanism will work or how many players it will support. Nonetheless, it will make the game far more exciting than the current matchups with random opponents.

All Gold Everything

Notably, the multiplayer mode will only be available to those who subscribe to the game’s $4.99 a month Gold Pass at first. Some players have expressed anger about the high price of the pass. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the game is completely free to play and is still a lot of fun without it.

Although it can be difficult to get five-stars on every level at times without the pass, it really isn’t necessary. Meanwhile, the Gold Pass helped change the game’s format to one that is far more friendly for casual players. Previously, it was planned that racing would deplete an energy reserve that would be refilled by waiting for it to “recharge” or by paying to speed up the process. Instead, players can race an unlimited number of times and instead pay for in-game currency that can be used to “fire the pipe”—essentially opening a loot box with characters and items.

While multiplayer mode will only be available to Gold Pass members in its beta mode, it’s highly likely that Nintendo will release it to everyone once the feature is done with testing.