How to use ‘Fortnite’s’ new split-screen multiplayer mode

How to play Fortnite on split screen multi-player mode.
Image: Fortnite

“Fortnite” has been making waves both in the gaming world and in popular culture for the last several years. It is nearly singlehandedly responsible for popularizing the battle royale game mode for a new generation of gamers. However, it did lack one feature that many players who grew up on “Call of Duty” and “Halo” sorely missed—split-screen multiplayer.

Now, that won’t be an issue anymore. Starting with the game’s version 11.30 update there will be a split-screen mode to play. The only catch is that local co-op is only available on PS4 and Xbox One for the time being.

How to Play Split-Screen in ‘Fortnite’

Players on the aforementioned platforms will be able to start playing “Fortnite” in split-screen mode as soon as they’ve downloaded the most recent update. The first step is to enter either duos or squad mode for battle royale. Split-screen is not available for solo mode and won’t show up there. “Call of Duty” players will undoubtedly appreciate the fact that friends won’t be “screen peeking” to try and gain an advantage.

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Once you’ve entered duos or squad mode, you’ll need to connect a second controller. This will activate an option allowing a friend to log in on their controller. They need to follow the log-in steps for whichever platform you’re playing on.

After player two has joined in, you should be good to go. You can queue up a match like normal and start dominating the competition in true team style.

Since “Fortnite’s” split-screen mode is still brand new, there might be some glitches at first. If there’s one thing players know about “Fortnite,” it’s that additions to the game typically take some time. After getting feedback from players through the in-game tool it’s likely that the feature will be tweaked to offer a better experience. Nonetheless, it is extremely exciting to finally have split-screen available as an option.

Blast From the Past

Split-screen multiplayer is divisive to say the least. Some love the ability to play with a friend that’s sitting on the couch next to them. Others aren’t willing to give up half of their screen real estate for that experience.

Many games released in the past few years have opted to nix split-screen play entirely. This comes as Internet speeds are getting faster worldwide, enabling gamers to connect and play with their friends remotely from just about anywhere.

However, there is something inherently nostalgic about playing with a friend that’s there in person. We aren’t saying that you need to open up a bag of Doritos and stay up all night, but it certainly is an option.

“Fortnite” should look to keep its popularity rolling through the holiday season and into 2020. A “Star Wars” themed event is primed to start this weekend and pays homage to “The Rise of Skywalker.”

It has already been announced that players will be able to don an Imperial Stormtrooper skin. If only they could add lightsabers too.

For now, enjoy playing this awesome game with your friends like never before. Split-screen “Fortnite” will help take the game to another level.


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