How the Travis Scott Concert made people want to play Fortnite again

Fortnite Travis Scott Astronomical concert.
Image: YouTube | Fortnite

Here’s what you need to know about the Travis Scott concert in Fortnite and why it’s so important for Epic Games to nail it.

If any of you love going on sicko mode, then you must have surely heard of the “Travis Scott Astronomical Concert” which was held recently. This isn’t the first time Epic Games has done this kind of thing. In-game concerts were first introduced in “Fortnite” and people love them to bits.

The first concert for Fortnite was in February 2019. Marshmello’s concert had over 10.7 million people coming over to play the game. It was dubbed as Fortnite’s biggest moment. Despite increased competition with the emergence of other games such as “Apex Legends,” “Call of Duty: Warzone,” and more, Fortnite still remains immensely popular with gamers.

The game changes drastically every season, and there’s no telling what’ll happen in the future, thanks to the unpredictability that Epic Games maintains over their prized title. Fortnite’s live events keep getting more ambitious, from the mech vs. kaiju battle to a black hole that seemingly wiped out the entire map. Each even is more elaborate than the last.

We thought that no one could top Marshmello’s concert last year, but the performance of Travis Scott in the game blew it out like a candle in the wind. So what’s the significance of the Travis Scott concert? And did it effectively make people want to play Fortnite even more and become conscious of their Fortnite stats?

Join us as we take an in-depth look at these questions and more!

The Step By Step Process of Making the Stage

Normally, game developers would just plop down all of the things needed like updated Fortnite stats for the patch of the event in one go. Not Epic Games! They’ve been setting the stage piece by piece—and we mean that literally. A few days before the long-awaited day, players could see the stage being constructed in the venue, “Sweaty Sands.” As the days passed, the stage grew more complete until finally, everything was in place. This shows not only the attention to detail that the folks handling Fortnite painstakingly take, but also how much effort was put into making it just so that the players would have a great time.

Epic Tries to Learn From Their Past Experiences

Another point that makes the Travis Scott concert so important is that players can see that Epic Games is always trying to learn from their past mistakes. Making the event a tour instead of just a concert was a smart move from Epic Games. Previous events in Fortnite were only a one-time gig, whereas in the Travis Scott concert, you had the chance to attend four upcoming ones should you miss the first one. Having plenty of chances to get in enables players from all around the world to at least log in at the right moment. Travis Scott’s virtual tour also turned the game’s UI off automatically to let you get a better view of all of the trippy visuals in the concert compared to Marshmello’s concert.

Needless to say, the lessons learned from the previous events proved to be of much use to Epic Games.

The Travis Scott Concert Topped Marshmello’s

The “Travis Scott Astronomical Concert Tour” was hailed as the largest in-game event yet, topping Marshmello’s concert that had more than 10 million people internationally coming together for some sick tunes. Besides the extravagant visual performance for his new single “Astronomical,” the concert garnered 12.3 million attendees—drawing 1.6 million people more compared to the previous concert!

Fortnite became even more popular after the concert, with people searching videos of the event and where to download the game in search engines like Google.

So, Were the Results Astronomical?

So, did Fortnite and things related to it such as Fortnite Tracker, Fortnite Stats, gain even more popularity thanks to the concert/tour? Without a doubt! In-game concerts were unheard of before Epic Games became relevant, and Travis Scott’s concert is a low-key advertisement for Epic to share Fortnite to parts of the world where online games aren’t as well-known.

What do you think about the Travis Scott concert? Do you think it’s something that could get people into Fortnite? Let us know by leaving a comment below!


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