Google Stadia rolls out 4K streaming on the web

Google's Stadia launches today and is ready to impress with 22 games.
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Google’s video game streaming platform, Stadia, hasn’t had the launch it expected. However, things are slowly getting better as time goes on and the team is able to work out the bugs. According to reports from 9to5Google, the company is starting to roll out 4K streaming to some users.

So far, the option to stream titles in 4K only appears to be working on Stadia’s web app. Even there not all users are able to access the setting just yet. However, once it does roll out, 4K streaming will be a welcome addition for the struggling platform.

I Can See Clearly Now

Although no one really knew when 4K streaming for Stadia would arrive, it isn’t exactly surprising. The feature is part of Google’s Q1 2020 roadmap, along with other initiatives for getting its platform up and running on Samsung, Asus, and Razer phones.

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Prior to the addition of 4K support for Stadia on the web, that feature was only available when playing on a Chromecast Ultra. Google used that exclusivity as a marketing tool during Stadia’s launch period, touting its Founders bundle as the only way to play in 4K.

While most users will notice the visual upgrade on sight, you can also check to see if 4K is available in the settings menu. While using Stadia on the web, simply click Shift + Tab or the Stadia button on Google’s Controller. From there, choose “Connection.” Under the “Data usage” heading a mint green 4K icon will appear if the feature is enabled.

If it isn’t there yet, don’t worry. Google is likely rolling the feature out over a couple of days to give its platform time to catch up.

Technically, an “Excellent” connection is required to access 4K resolutions on Stadia, but some users have reported it to be working on both “Good” and “OK” connections. However, users do need to subscribe to Stadia’s $9.99 a month Pro plan to access the new quality option.

As of now, it isn’t clear how Stadia’s 4K capabilities will work for users who aren’t playing on a 4K screen. Many players still have 1080p or 1440p monitors attached to the PC they use to access the streaming platform. If there isn’t a way to scale down 4K streaming for these displays, the addition will be useless for many gamers.

Signs of Improvement

The addition of 4K is the latest update in an exciting week for Stadia. Google’s boundary-pushing platform has also seen the addition of new games and the ability to download screen captures while playing.

It has plans to add web support for the wireless Stadia Controller by the end of the month. Meanwhile, it will also expand on Stadia’s Google Assistant availability, giving players a unique way to interact with the gaming platform.

Finally, the latest update to the Stadia app hints at the impending arrival of highly-anticipated features like a free tier, YouTube streaming, and family game sharing.

Despite its rocky start, it appears that things are finally looking up for Stadia. While you could argue that Google should have just waited a few months before launching the platform, the Big Tech firm is working hard to make improvements.

If the above additions are made by the end of March as expected, gamers might need to start taking Stadia a bit more seriously.


  1. I doubt it will work. According to Razerfist, in 4K gameplay will be as bumpy as Morgan Freeman cheeks. I tend to agree.


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