Google Stadia Pro plan will include a free game every month, starting with ‘Destiny 2’


Google’s long-awaited online gaming platform, Stadia, will arrive in November. Recently, Andrey Doronichev, director of product, gave some details about what the service will include.

Some things, like the controller’s lack of Bluetooth audio, aren’t news to gamers interested in the platform. However, Google did clarify some rumors that its Stadia Pro subscription would offer a Netflix style library of games. Unfortunately, the subscription will actually look more like Xbox Live Gold, offering one free game per month. Even so, gamers are still looking forward to the novelty of Stadia and the ability to play games without a console.

Nothing New

Excitement has grown recently as rumors circulated about Stadia Pro offering gamers access to a large library of games for the price of the subscription. While those hopes have been dashed, there is still plenty to look forward to.

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On the bright side, Stadia Pro will only cost $10 a month. This means it will stay competitive with console-based, online subscriptions like PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold. However, it will still cost more than Nintendo’s $7.99 a month Switch Online service.

For the price, gamers will get access to a variety of perks. Primarily, Pro subscribers can game in 4K/HDR with the added realism of 5.1 sound. Meanwhile, they’ll also get access to exclusive discounts every month.

As far as free games are concerned, Stadia will indeed offer one free game per month. The first game available will be “Destiny 2: The Collection.”

Meanwhile, Google continues to lean heavily into the social aspect of gaming. The platform will enable players to create and manage a friends list, create parties, and use voice chat all at launch. Interestingly, Nintendo Switch struggled with these features for nearly a year after its release.

Free Perks

Fortunately, starting in 2020, Stadia won’t require a Pro membership in order to function. In fact, players could technically spend nothing more than the cost of a game. Google’s Stadia will work with third-party controllers and is playable on laptops and desktops. So, anyone with an old PS4 controller lying around and a recent PC could sign up for a Stadia Base plan (free) and start playing instantly.

With either Stadia Base or Stadia Pro, gamers will have access to a growing library of games. Some top titles include: “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey,” “The Division 2,” “Doom,” and “2K.” Should the platform catch on, there is no doubt that developers will continue adding their games to the Stadia library.

Anyone worried about what will happen if the platform doesn’t catch on has nothing to fear. Google has said that any games users purchase will always be playable, even if the platform is discontinued.

As of now, Stadia looks like a great option for gamers looking to shake things up without spending hundreds of dollars. While it remains to be seen if cloud-based gaming can vanquish consoles forever, Stadia certainly looks like a strong competitor in the market. Come November, anyone with a Stadia Pro subscription will have plenty of perks to look forward to.