Google reportedly has 400 Stadia games in development

Google's Stadia launches today and is ready to impress with 22 games.
Image: Google

Cloud gaming hasn’t caught on as quickly as companies like Google were hoping. However, that doesn’t mean the technology doesn’t have plenty of potential. Google is working to make its Stadia game streaming service a more attractive offering in the years to come.

The Big Tech firm is reportedly involved with the development of 400 games for Stadia. Jack Buser, the platform’s director of games, confirmed that figure in a recent interview with MobileSyrup. There are 200 developers working on the projects.

At this point, it is unclear how far into the future the 400-game roadmap extends. Gamers shouldn’t expect a rush of new games this year, though. Buser said that the majority of the new titles will be arriving in 2021 and beyond.

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Major Development

Even before Google released Stadia, some were worried about the company’s commitment to the innovative platform. After all, no one wants to buy games for a service that might not be around in a year.

By unveiling Google’s 400-game Stadia roadmap, Buser has put those concerns to rest. Having such a massive lineup of games in development shows that Google is serious about making Stadia a competitor in the gaming world. Although the cloud-based service isn’t likely to sway devout console players or PC pros, it is a nice option for casual gamers.

In the interview, Buser said, “We are looking many years out into the future. Gaming is one of the biggest businesses at Google… Which is why you see us investing so much time and energy to support all these hundreds of developers building all these games… We have a very exciting many years ahead of us.”

Playing to Its Strengths

Cloud gaming might not be able to do everything that a console or PC can. However, the opposite is also true. Things like storage limitations and hardware performance can limit the possibilities of console gaming.

Stadia’s cloud-based model, in theory, hurdles those barriers to give players a better experience. The titles that are currently in development are reportedly designed to play to Stadia’s unique strengths.

Buser says that some of the company’s upcoming “cloud-native” titles will be “free from the limitations of a network appliance in your living room, like a PC or a game console.”

It will be interesting to learn more about what this means in the days to come.

Meanwhile, it appears that Google is preparing to launch a number of Stadia-exclusive titles. By taking a page from Sony and Microsoft, it could encourage some players to try the platform who otherwise wouldn’t consider it.

“You’re going to see the amount of exclusive content on our platform scale pretty rapidly,” Buser says.

As for what those titles are, Google has been fairly quiet. The developers involved aren’t just random studios, however. Big names like Harmonix (of “Guitar Hero” fame) are on board. Google is also making important hires within its Stadia division to bolster its portfolio of internal studios. Recently, it brought on Jade Raymond, an ex-Ubisoft and EA producer, and Shannon Studstill, an ex-Sony studio head.

These additions, along with a massive slate of games in the works, have Stadia looking like a promising platform. Gamers should definitely keep an eye on it as time goes on.


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