Although Google made its big Stadia announcement last week, the firm had one last surprise to unveil on the final day of the 2019 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

On Thursday, the company publicized the release of Game Builder, a new application created by its in-house incubator Area 120. With the program, users with no design experience can create video games.

Even better, the corporation has made its new game development suite free to play on Windows and MacOS via Steam.


Build Your Games

Although Game Builder is still in its prototype phase, the application is relatively robust. The program boasts a cartoonish design aesthetic and allows users to develop their game ideas in a multifaceted sandbox environment.

In a blog post, Google explained it built the app for gamers. As such, its functionality is akin to “Minecraft” and “Super Mario Maker.”

Notably, Game Builder users can bring games to life without having any coding knowledge. The program utilizes a card-based visual programming language system that has a highly intuitive interface. With it, would-be designers can create functional vehicles, power-ups, and automatic platforms. The app also has Google Poly interoperability, meaning creators can add thousands of distinct 3D models to their games.

However, that is not to say coders can’t apply their experience when using the program. Game Builder offers real-time JavaScript editing via a multifaceted API. Since the app’s code is live, users won’t have to worry about compiling their gaming innovations.

Potential Future Applications

One of the most exciting aspects of Game Builder is its multiuser functionality. Several designers can work on or play the same custom games at the same time. The collaborative feature suggests why Google developed its video game creation tool.

When it revealed the Stadia to the world at the 2019 Game Developers Conference, the conglomerate noted the streaming platform allowed users to share game instances. At the time, the feature seemed to exist to enable gamers to team up to get through particularly challenging levels. It also served as a valuable tool to make Let’s Play videos more engaging.

However, Game Builder’s release suggests Google might use its platform to offer professional developers a streaming game design platform eventually. With that product up and running, the corporation might then introduce an indie game version of its App Store.

Overall, the company would be wise to add such services to its portfolio. Valve makes billions of dollars a year thanks to Steam’s revenue share agreements, a fact the firm was likely aware of when it entered the game space.

If there’s one thing Google has proven exceptionally good at in its 20-year existence, it’s that it keeps utterly crushing its competition.

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