Genki just released a nifty portable Nintendo Switch dock

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The Nintendo Switch is a novel gaming console. By allowing gamers to play at home on the big screen and then seamlessly take their console on the go, Switch unlocks a world of possibilities. But what happens when a player wants that big-screen experience somewhere other than at home?

Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch’s dock is the system’s biggest weakness. The clunky, fragile piece of equipment is too much of a hassle to carry around. Now, a compact third-party accessory from Human Things’ Genki line serves as a portable docking station for the Switch.

On the Go

Human Things has been releasing quality third-party accessories for the Nintendo console since its release. Its Bluetooth audio adapter solved one of the biggest complaints coming from gamers. Now, it is tackling another major issue.

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The Genki-branded Covert Dock allows users to play their Switch on the big screen anywhere with ease. On Kickstarter, the project surpassed its fundraising goal of $50,000 and rocketed to more than $440,000 from over 7000 backers. For just $49, early adopters can get their hands on the gadget when it ships.

Covert Dock is about a tenth of the size of the original Switch dock but retains all of the functionality. Gamers plug it into an outlet then attach their console to the USB-C port for charging and the HDMI port for video. The regular USB-A port is also still there for plugging in extra accessories. To match the aesthetic of other Switch additions, Covert Dock features the same styling as Nintendo’s Pro Controller.

The entire thing is made possible by Gallium Nitrogen (GaN) technology. This gives the dock tremendous efficiency and allows it to run cooler than other wall chargers.

Of course, the Switch has struggled at times with electrical problems when connected to overly powerful chargers. Fortunately, the team behind the Covert Dock worked with an experienced team of engineers, including those responsible for the original dock, to make sure this wouldn’t be an issue.

Multi-Function Tool

While the Covert Dock’s main function of allowing players to connect their Switch to a TV on the go is impressive, the device doesn’t stop there. In fact, it has many other functions.

Covert Dock supports the charging of two devices simultaneously, including smartphones, tablets, and USB-C powered laptops. The hardware in the gadget is built to conform to industry standards, making it safe for all devices.

Meanwhile, Covert Dock can be used to display content from a laptop to the TV, such as streaming a Netflix movie. In a pinch, it could even be used for work presentations.

This nifty gadget is going to be extremely convenient for gamers hoping to play Switch games with friends away from home. With the ability to connect to any TV, anywhere, at any time, players can get even more fun out of their console.