‘Fall Guys’ is the hottest game of the summer and is perfect for quarantine

'Fall Guys' is the perfect game for quarantine.
Image: Mediatonic

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of a game called “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout” over the past week. The title has racked up over two million players since it launched for the PS4 and PC last week.

It is a fun spin on the battle royale genre that pits players and their jelly-bean shaped avatars against each other in crazy races. The player who is the last one standing gets the win.

“Fall Guys” is all the rage this summer and it’s a title casual players will certainly enjoy. No, it doesn’t have the wow factor of triple-A titles like “Call of Duty” but it is a fun, feel-good game that anyone can pick up.

What is ‘Fall Guys?’

You’ve probably never thought about what it would look like if living, bouncing jelly beans raced along massive obstacle courses. That’s actually the perfect way to describe “Fall Guys.”

During each match or “show,” 60 players race against each other to complete various challenges. Doing so earns them a spot in the next round and they are able to keep playing. There aren’t a ton of challenges, but there are enough to keep the game interesting.

Players will run through obstacle courses and play mini-games including memory match, football, and an odd hoarding challenge that’s a lot like Hungry Hungry Hippos.

“Fall Guys” features simple controls that are easy to pick up, whether you’re playing on PC or the PS4. It’s unclear whether Xbox support is coming down the road.

Is ‘Fall Guys’ Worth the Hype?

If 2020 was a video game, it would be the exact opposite of “Fall Guys.” It probably couldn’t have come at a better time. With millions of people still social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic (props to you if you’re one of them), a lighthearted video game is a welcome distraction.

Just look at the success of Nintendo’s “Animal Crossing” and its enthusiastic fan base.

Although “Fall Guys” is nothing like “Animal Crossing,” it has the same allure to it. Bright colors, fun characters, and plenty of hilarious wipeouts make the game a pleasure from start to finish.

It flips the battle royale genre on its head by lowering the stakes and the waiting time in between games. Most matches last just 15 minutes from start to finish. Players who don’t make it to the end can quickly queue-up into a new match and start playing again.

No, “Fall Guys” isn’t intuitive or packed with features. That being said, it is a charming title that will help you pass the hours while sitting at home.

Unless its developer, Mediatonic, adds new features and challenges, “Fall Guys” probably won’t have the staying power of other games on the market. That being said, for just $20, it’s worth every cent. If you’re a PS Plus subscriber, it’s free to play through August.

Before Twitch refocuses on games like “Call of Duty,” now it the time to enjoy the perfect game for a time that is anything but perfect.


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