On Monday, Square Enix gave a mixed presentation at the 2019 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). The Japanese developer’s big announcement was that it has a multiplayer “Avengers” game in the pipeline. Though it’s not exactly what fans might expect, the title looks to bring the excitement of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) to the gaming space.

The corporation also gave updates regarding several titles belonging to the “Final Fantasy” franchise. The firm also teased a new first-person shooter, a new traditional Japanese role-playing game, and more.

Unrecognizable Avengers Assemble

In concert with Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montréal, Square Enix is bringing “The Avengers” to Google Stadia, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on May 15, 2020.


Though a multiplayer game, “Marvel’s Avengers” features an intriguing story mode. It begins with the team celebrating the launch of their new flying headquarters in San Francisco. However, something goes wrong, and the Avengers Helicarrier is destroyed, Captain America is presumed dead, and the group breaks up. Five years later, the team reassembles to combat a new threat in a world that now hates and fears them.

Despite featuring the same aesthetics as the “Avengers” films, the game isn’t exactly a continuation of the movie series. For one thing, the title features neither the likenesses nor the voices of its famous cast. Frankly, the game’s version of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes doesn’t look all that human. Nevertheless, the title’s storyline and otherwise quality graphics appear to offer an authentic MCU experience.

The game’s launch characters include Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and Black Widow. Sadly, gamers hoping to shoot arrows and cry as Hawkeye are out of luck.

“Marvel’s Avengers’” multiplayer mode will allow players from around the world to customize heroes taken from the Marvel Comics canon and form teams with other gamers. Square Enix also announced the title won’t feature loot boxes and will offer free access to new characters and environments.

Final Fantasy VII Remake News

In news that will delight ‘90s kids, Square Enix’s remake of “Final Fantasy VII” is finally ready. The developer debuted a new trailer for the game that showcased a revamped battle system that marries strategy and real-time combat. Furthermore, the game’s ninth generation update of the title’s iconic characters and settings is stunning.

However, a few aspects of the developer’s announcement were disappointing. For one thing, “Final Fantasy VII Remake” doesn’t go on sale until March 3, 2020. Additionally, as rumored, Square Enix has reimagined the game as a multi-part franchise. Its first chapter will limit gameplay to the city of Midgar. But, since the title comes on two Blu-ray discs, it will likely fulfill its designers’ promise of being a “fully standalone gaming experience.”

Players who can’t wait to get their hearts broken all over again can preorder the game here.

Other Final Fantasy Game News

Square Enix also announced that a remastered version of “Final Fantasy VIII” is coming to the eighth generation of gaming consoles. Though understandably less polished than the “Final Fantasy VII Remake,” the revamped title appears to be a solid rendition of the PlayStation One original. Nostalgic gamers interested in reliving the war against Ultimecia can do so on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Steam, and Xbox One this winter.

Furthermore, Square Enix will be releasing a new edition of “Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles” this winter. The developer initially released the role-playing action title on Game Cube in 2003. The remastered version of “Crystal Chronicles” will be available on Nintendo Switch and PS4 as well as iOS and Android.

Lastly, “Final Fantasy” fanatics can now stream music from their favorite franchise via Apple Music and Spotify. Square Enix has made the soundtracks from the original “Final Fantasy” through “Final Fantasy XV” available. During its E3 presentation, the developer noted more fan-favorite game soundtracks are on the way.

New Games

Gamers interested in digging into a new Japanese role-playing game (JRPG) might want to check out “Oninaki.” Created by Tokyo RPG Factory (“I Am Setsuna”), the title revolves around a protagonist who battles demons to help lost souls move onto reincarnation. Featuring stylized designs, portentous themes, and a classic battle system, “Oninaki” has all the harmonics of a traditional JRPG. The title comes to Nintendo Switch, Steam, and PS4 this August.

Conversely, players interested in something with a bit more bite should check out People Can Fly’s, “Outriders.” The new game from the developer of “Bulletstorm” is an action co-op title set in a nightmarish future. While its premise isn’t terribly original, its richly detailed and atmospheric design makes the upcoming offering stand out. The studio has slated the game’s release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One for summer 2020.

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