‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ rumors hint at new DLC maps


In a little under a week following its release, “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” has pulled in $600 million. With stunning graphics, a compelling story, and plenty of nostalgia, the beloved series has added another smash hit to its 16-year run. Even so, players have had some complaints about the game’s maps since it debuted on October 25.

Fortunately, it appears that some new locations are on the horizon. According to rumors from TheGamingRevolution on YouTube, his sources claim that Infinity Ward has plenty of DLC maps waiting in the wings. The channel has been a reliable source for “CoD: Modern Warfare” leaks in the past. So, it’s highly likely that these maps will appear in the game in the near future.

Campers, No Camping

Of the complaints about “Modern Warfare’s” maps, most of them revolve around camping. Gamers know (and are probably annoyed by even the mention of it) that camping refers to a player sitting in one spot on the map and waiting for opponents to come into range for an easy kill. The underhanded tactic has annoyed first-person shooter (FPS) gamers for years.

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Unfortunately, the online maps in “Modern Warfare” give campers plenty of opportunities to do their thing. There are just too many places to sit still without being detected until it’s too late.

As such, it’s a relief to hear that Infinity Ward is planning some DLC content that should include new maps and old favorites. To make things even sweeter, this content will reportedly be free to download. In a day where developers charge as much as half of a game’s original $60 price tag for DLC, that will be a breath of fresh air should the rumor be true.

Classic Maps Incoming

While rumors like this should be taken with a grain of salt, players are already getting excited about the new additions. Among the most notable are the fan-favorite maps Terminal and Broadcast. There are also plenty of “Modern Warfare 2” maps and others including Rust, Caged, Crash, Scrapyard, Boneyard, Wet Work (ugh, we know), Vacant, Farah, Hook, and more.

The DLC should bring back some of the three-lane combat that “Call of Duty” fans have come to love over the years.

As of now, it’s unclear exactly when these maps might be available for download—if at all. However, we can certainly hope to see at least some of them prior to Christmas. After all, nothing says it’s the holidays like kicking back on your Xbox with a good old-fashioned firefight in a digital airport terminal.

By adding some new (and also old) content to “Modern Warfare,” Infinity Ward has the potential to make this game even more popular than it already is and draw in the grizzled vets for one more mission.