Amazon will release a new ‘Lord of the Rings’ MMO game


It looks like Jeff Bezos is a true “Lord of the Rings” fan after all. Fans learned Wednesday that Amazon Game Studios is partnering with Leyou Technologies to develop a brand new MMO game set in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth.

While Leyou’s child company, Athlon Games, actually announced the project in 2018, it merely said it was partnering with another developer. News that Amazon is the partner has raised the stakes for the game—and the excitement of fans.

A Time Long Ago

The still-untitled game will take place in Second Age Middle-earth, long before the events of the popular “Lord of the Rings” movies and book trilogy. This time frame will allow players to experience new stories and never-before-seen characters.

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Interestingly, Amazon’s upcoming “Lord of the Rings” TV series takes place during the same time. However, Amazon has stated that the two are not connected and are being developed independently.

Even so, Tolkien fans will be able to enjoy the upcoming releases after waiting several years for new story-driven content.

Perhaps best yet, the new game will be free-to-play on both PC and console platforms. Given the developmental backing the game is getting, it is easy to see how it can quickly become a success.

Star Power

Fans who are worried about the team behind the new game have nothing to fear. Amazon Game Studios and Leyou boast plenty of collective experience. The latter owns Digital Extremes, the studio behind the massively popular free-to-play “Warframe.” Meanwhile, Amazon is already working hard on a highly anticipated MMO game titled “New World.”

On top of this, Tolkien has left behind troves of lore that can surely guide the game in a direction that will entertain even the superfans who have learned elvish. If there’s one trait that describes “Lord of the Rings” fans, it’s their dedication.

Since 2007, “The Lord of The Rings Online” has been thrilling MMO players. The game allows fans to explore Middle-earth and events happening in it alongside the beloved trilogy’s timeline. The title’s makers released updates as recently as October 2018, highlighting the near decade-long popularity of the game.

While the new MMO doesn’t aim to replace “The Lord of the Rings Online,” it will give players a new avenue to explore Tolkien’s world in a different period. If history gives any indication, Amazon’s MMO won’t have trouble finding and retaining fans.

Currently, the company has yet to announce a release date and other details surrounding the game. However, as work on the title continues—and Amazon’s “Lord of the Rings” TV series starts production—more information will surely follow. Stay tuned to The Burn-In for updates, rumors, and more about this upcoming game.