5 WoW bosses that went undefeated for the longest time

World of Warcraft bosses ranked.
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With the release of Shadowlands, most WoW players are setting their sights on the latest bosses of the new expansion. They’re gearing up and getting more powerful, all with the hopes of being able to down the latest boss. While in Classic WoW, players are completing raids within hours of launch, things are very different for the modern game.

With every new expansion comes a new learning curve. It takes 10s of days for the first raid clear, and it’s almost always done by the best guilds on the server. Those guilds pave the way for everyone else, essentially mapping out the best route to success. But new raids aren’t just a learning curve for players; they’re a learning curve for developers too. Sometimes bosses are too powerful and have to be nerfed because even the best guilds can’t kill them. With this in mind, we thought it would be fun to look over some of the bosses in WoW history that went undefeated for the longest time.

Yogg-Saron – Alone in the Darkness

It took the first guild a whopping 70 days to kill Yogg-Saron in the hardest mode, Alone in the Darkness. Alone in the Darkness was a 25-player achievement where the guild had to defeat Yogg Saron without the assistance of any keepers. The keepers would give players massive benefits like 40 percent increased damage dealt, 20 percent increased healing, 20 percent increased movement speed, 20 percent reduced damage, and 20 percent increased health. It also meant that players had to go without the extremely useful safety net, Hodir’s Protective Gaze, which essentially meant that if players died, they died.

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It might come as a shock to some, but it took a massive 74 days for the first guild to kill Ragnaros, The Firelord, back in Vanilla WoW. Ragnaros was the final boss in the first Vanilla raid, Molten Core. In WoW Classic, European guild Apes were the first to kill Ragnaros, around a week after WoW’s launch. If one week still seems a little high, just remember that that week also incorporated the players leveling from 1-60 and getting attuned. So, why did it take so long to down the Firelord back in Vanilla?

It wasn’t that Ragnaros was a brutal fight, but more that the game was just new and people didn’t know how to play. It took a lot longer for people to reach max level back then, especially when there were no leveling guides or online WoW boosting services like there is today. Players today can use platforms like Eldorado to get better gear and weapons before a fight, but this wasn’t available back then. It took a long time for there to be enough raid-ready players. And when they were raid-ready, they didn’t know what to do. For many players, it was their first-ever experience with a raid. They were clueless, poorly geared, and using laggy computers.


And we have another Vanilla boss, and this one also comes in at 74 days! Chromaggus was the seventh boss in the Blackwing Lair raid. Why did it take so long to defeat Chromaggus? Like the last boss we looked at, it came down to inexperience. Chromaggus was the first boss with significant fight mechanics that players had to mitigate. Lacking experience in more complex fight mechanics, there was a steep learning curve for many players. It would take multiple attempts to find out what worked, what gear to wear, how to compose the roster, and so on.


Are you noticing a pattern? Here we have another Vanilla WoW boss, C’Thun. It took players a staggering 86 days to kill this boss. C’Thun was the final boss in AQ40 (Temple of Ahn’Qiraj), and unlike the Vanilla bosses on this list, this time it wasn’t due to inexperience (probably). This boss was full of bugs, making it virtually impossible to kill.

One game mechanic would take random players from the room and place them in his stomach where they had to kill a damage-dealing tentacle to get out. Sometimes, C’Thun would do this to all healers in the raid at the same time. This disastrous scenario meant that people in the room couldn’t get heals and that healers couldn’t get out of the stomach because they couldn’t deal enough damage to kill the tentacles.  If this happened, it was game over. This was just one bug. Blizzard eventually fixed the bugs, and C’Thun was killed the next day.

Before the launch of Classic WoW, many players were requesting the un-nerfed version of C’Thun, hoping to see whether they could beat the bugged version with their expert knowledge of the game, but Blizzard didn’t go with this option.


Ouro was another boss from AQ40 in Vanilla WoW, and it took a massive 87 days to down him. Much like C’Thun, this boss had multiple bugs that made him practically unkillable until they were fixed. However, he was also an optional boss, so it’s fair to say a lot fewer people were trying to kill him.


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