5 top movie franchises and their video game successes

Top 5 video games based on movie franchises

All parts of the entertainment industry are connected somehow, but movies and video games have reached a whole new level of collaboration. One side inspires the other and together they deliver some of the most memorable experiences to date. However fascinating, exploring how these two forms of entertainment fit so well together is a huge venture, so let us focus on a specific area: video games based on movies. Thanks to the popularity of different productions, gamers can collect dozens of video games that extend their favorite big screen adventures. Below are five examples that show the range of movies that have added PC, console and mobile games to their names. Considering the amount of cinematic inspiration still up for grabs, it is worth thinking about what video games should hit the market next.

Fast & Furious

Since the first movie came out in 2001 with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker at the wheel, the franchise has skyrocketed. Apart from eight high-powered sequels and stars like Dwayne Johnson, Charlize Theron and Jason Statham joining the team, there are also several video games to dive into. The upcoming Fast & Furious: Crossroads is due in August 2020 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, continuing the legacy of Dominic Toretto and his crew, courtesy of Slightly Mad Studios. It shares the racing format of its predecessors, but the gameplay and graphics are expected to outshine the performance of, say, The Fast and the Furious 2006 console title, which was mostly loyal to the Tokyo Drift movie. As the franchise expands its plots, casts and, of course, vehicles, its video games will follow suit in tech and entertainment value.

James Bond

007 has graced movie theaters for almost 60 years, so the existence of gaming titles are hardly a surprise. Veering between action-adventure and first-person shooter, they all feature James Bond in the form of whichever actor was starring at the time of the game’s development. And even though the British superspy’s fame does not guarantee consistently positive reviews, as in the case of Blood Stone, Daniel Craig’s last video game released in 2010, it does ensure an expanded brand.

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Currently, it boasts gems like Everything or Nothing, Goldeneye 007 and From Russia With Love, each allowing players to step into the shoes of an iconic James Bond as he adds more villains, adventures and amazing gadgets to his repertoire. So in addition to keeping a popular brand in the spotlight, video games are a way of expanding it, whether we are talking about a series or a single movie that hit the jackpot. Producers can put new spins to its story or characters.

The Da Vinci Code

One thing is clear: Box Office hits tend to get the best or most ambitious video game deals. They provide fans with as much entertainment as possible, but also enhance the title’s presence in the industry. The Da Vinci Code is another great example as it turned the novel’s mystery and suspense into a hugely successful and instantly recognisable brand, followed by two more Dan Brown movies. Its echo can be found in various games, including the five reels of Da Vinci Diamonds, NJ online slots based on hit movies is nothing new, but this one really captures the imagination, with the famous paintings of the Renaissance artist used to immerse players.

And then you have mobile games like The House of Da Vinci following a similar recipe. This title is full of puzzles, from mechanisms and hidden objects to escape rooms, and all in an atmospheric style that screams Dan Brown. The official 2006 action-adventure adaptation may feel redundant at this point, but reviewers still mark it as a worthwhile, if imperfect, experience for fans, combining the signature plot, wits and action. A cool change from James Bond.

Jurassic Park

The diversity of genres in the gaming industry means there are so many directions developers can choose to go in, especially when it comes to adapting movies. The Jurassic Park franchise is another example of literature turned big screen sensation, as well as studios coming up with intriguing gameplay choices. In fact, its imagination, action and unique premise has opened several doors already.

Jurassic World: Evolution was 2018’s happy innovation, a simulation title by Frontier Developments, where you get to run a dinosaur theme park. It goes beyond just tending the different species and needs you to build valuable skills and put some thought into designing your Jurassic business. LEGO Jurassic World also brought its fun action-adventure twists to the brand’s gaming collection in 2015, including 20 levels of challenges and infinite references to all the movies in the franchise.

Friday the 13th

No discussion about modern gaming can leave out online experiences. While not quite of an MMO caliber, Friday the 13th: The Game offers hours of quality entertainment with friends. The title, developed by IllFonic and released in 2017, is an asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror game. Set in Camp Crystal, it involves up to eight players per session. One of them is randomly assigned the role of Jason Voorhees, who comes with special abilities. The rest of the players are counsellors with features of their own and have to survive by either escaping the map alive or evading Jason’s attacks until time runs out. A single-player version exists too, containing missions based on the movies and the same survival objective. Since classic horror franchises get no less attention from gaming developers, there is even more Voorhees fun available on the market, including something as casual as Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle. This mobile title brings PG-rated or full-on slasher action into a sliding puzzle game of simple but engaging design.

Developers can seemingly turn any kind of movie into a video game version. How effective they are is another matter. But the point is that, whether you enjoy fast cars or dinosaurs, ancient puzzles or serial killers, the combined forces of cinema and gaming will cover your needs. At the same time, they ensure the world’s most popular franchises never go out of style.


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