Electronica and The Burn-In: a perfect pair for trade show guests

Electronica 2018 and The Burn-In

For more than 40 years, Electronica has served the technology industry as the world’s largest trade show for electronic products. This year’s show takes place Nov. 13-16, and it is bigger than it has ever been before.

Electronica takes place in Germany, where the media-focused event will provide insight into new technologies that will drive the world in 2019 and beyond.

It is at Electronica where the floppy disk was first introduced in 1969. Since then, the conference has unveiled the electric car, 5G, artificial intelligence and many, many other grounding breaking technological advances.

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Electronica not only introduces new technology, but it also gives trade show attendees the opportunity to learn what other companies are doing, meet the brains behind the world’s most advanced tech and networks, and allows collaborations and partnerships to form.

The History of Electronica

Eletronica made its debut in the trade-show world in 1964 and has only continued to grow since then. The first year it took place, it brought in visitors from the United States, Europe, Japan, and the Soviet Union. The first Electronica started out with a mere 140 exhibitors and approximately 13,400 visitors in attendance from around the world.

Just two years after its first trade-show, German-based tech companies became intrigued and participated in the show in 1966—the year that doubled the exhibition space.

In 2016, records for attendance were broken with 2,913 exhibitors and 73,451 visitors.

Recently, Electronica has expanded to other countries. In 2000, Electronica India was formed and two years following that, Electronica China emerged.

Electronica 2018

This year, there will be a new hall (C6) which will allow (for the first time) attendees to test and try out an exhibitor’s actual products.

The 2018 trade show will also add four conferences, 16 forums (five new) and of course, the new hall.

The Burn-In at Electronica

The Burn-In will be in attendance at this year’s show, located at booth 247 in Hall C5.

Interactive touch screens will be on hand (or finger, if you will) for attendees to learn more about The Burn-In.

In addition, meeting rooms for one-on-one time with the founders and executives will be available.

More importantly, attendees can stop by for a drink and food as they navigate the thousands of exhibitors at the show.

The Burn-In will be happy to greet you, provide a little bit of sustenance, and even a place to rest a bit from the show.