The Burn-In is a community for tech enthusiasts around the world. Our mission is to build a news-driven platform for industry professionals from all spheres of technology to contribute their knowledge, insights, and—most of all—passion.

Our contributors come from all walks of life: from industry insiders and subject matter experts to college professors and tech-culture hobbyists. Contributor articles feature the latest news, product updates, and upcoming announcements from within the technology industry.

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Depending on the focus of your story, it may fall under one of The Burn-In’s pillars. Below are detailed descriptions of what type of content falls under each pillar.

Current events related to technology corporations: from executive moves, mergers & acquisitions, major initiatives, and funding rounds.

Entertaining articles at the intersection of tech and culture. We cover tech-culture trends, current events, and breaking news.

Latest updates on market trends from within the technology industry, including component news, allocations, and supply chain updates.

Flagship product news and reviews, as well as sneak peeks into consumer electronics heading to the marketplace.

In-depth pieces centered on startups and their founders, including interviews on thought leadership, startup life, and challenges found therein.

Articles highlighting emergent tech from around the world: R&D-stage software and hardware, virtual reality, deep learning AI, and much more.

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